Game of Thrones producer apologises to fans after a Starbucks Coffee cup was spotted in a scene

On Sundays, during the airing of Game of Thrones final season episode 4, a Starbucks coffee cup was spotted early in a scene in the Last of the Starks episode. The to-go cup was left on set which provoked fans to annoyance that a slip-up of this magnitude happened on TVs most expensive show – it has a budget of $15 million per episode.

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Though, the episode has a lot of drinking in the early scenes as they celebrate defeating the Night King and his army of white walkers in an episode that was shot for straight up 55 minutes and it’s only fair that everyone involved have some caffeine in their blood streams. Lol!

However, some people have different view to this.

Well, we are left wondering if it was a subtle product placement or just the cinematographers redeeming themselves after complaints of Episode 3 being too dark to see.

We now have answers. The out of place coffee cup wasn’t a product placement but a mistake that Game of Thrones Executive Bernie Caulfield is sorry fans had to see and that they’re sorry.


“If that’s the worst thing they’re finding then we’re in good shape,” he added in an optimistic tone when he had an interview with WNYC Radio.

We’re still yet to know if that scene will be updated to remove the cup. Game of Thrones even tweeted this out.

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