French tourist caught for allegedly stealing new Huawei P30 phone

A French National, and a tourist in Thailand  was arrested earlier this week in Thailand for stealing a Huawei P30 smartphone, local media.

The middle aged man named Meriem Laurant according to a CCTV footage walked into a retail store in Pattaya, Thailand, at about 7.30pm posing as a customer and asked to see the Chinese handset, but was seen moments later absconding with the smartphone.

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He however wasn’t fortunate, as vigilante shopkeepers  who sighted him ran after him, while passers-by helped to restrain the man before police arrived and arrested him for ‘’theft at night’’. He was later charged with visa-related offenses, as it was discovered he had no proper travel documents.

Commenting on the incidence, Lieutenant General Jaropwan Thongsang, Deputy Governor of Pattaya City confirmed security operatives arrived at the scene soon after it received the tip off, adding that;  we found shopkeepers and many Good Samaritans controlling the suspect. The police have revealed after an investigation that Meriem had no proper documents, and will be prosecuted according to the law.

Huawei which is presently the second-biggest phone maker in the world back in March released the Huawei P30 and P30 Pro as an upgrade to the p20 and P20 Pro from 2018. Both devices look beautiful, with curved glass screens and iridescent designs, though the P30 Pro is the most premium of the duo.

You can read more on Huawei P30 here.


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