14 Meizu Smartphones Gets Flyme 7.3 Stable Version Updates

Chinese phone manufacturer, Meizu, yesterday launched 16Xs in Beijing, alongside the released of the Flyme 7.3 stable version for a number of new models, including the Meizu Note8, Meizu Pro 7 Plus, Meizu 6, Meizu PRO 6s, Meizu PRO 6, Meizu PRO 5, Meizu MX 6, Meizu E3, Meizu Note6, Meizu Note 5, Meizu E, Meizu Max, Meizu 15Plus, Meizu PRO 6 Plus, for a total of 14 models.

The new Flyme 7.3 stable version was originally launched on May 10 on the 16th, 16th Plus, 16X and X8, but now it has reached the devices above as well.

Reports say Meizu’s Flyme 7.3 is the last update as far as Flyme 7 is concerned, the next update will be Flyme 8.

The latest Flyme update brings the following new features:


The new One Mind 3.0 feature uses a new logic approach to bring a whole new experience, including “Process Reaper 3.0”, “Smart Freeze 3.0” and more.


This time brings a super night view camera function to several models.


The third highlight is the colorful AOD, which basically means you’ll have the Always On Display feature with colors.


According to the different sound effects happening in the game, you’ll get different vibration effects for a more immersive experience. Meizu makes the example of a battlefield where for every explosion you get a vibration and so on, bringing some realism into the game.


You can now use a three finger screen gesture to capture a screenshot. So no more hold power button and volume down button. You can easily take screenshot any time and anywhere.


The phone will now have a better “housekeeping” app. It’ll clean up the device from adverts and other files your don’t really need. There’s also a special mode for WeChat, QQ for a better user experience.

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