Tor Browser 8.5 first stable Version is now available for download

Talking about browser for dark web users, Tor is a browser is just for you. Started as a project last year but now, it’s a fully integrated package into Android.

Tor browser 8.5 is the first stable release for Android, already available for Desktop users. With Tor, no proxy bypasses, first-party isolation is enabled to protect you from cross-site tracking. Tor Browser exists to funnel your web traffic through the Tor network, a web of encrypted computers across the globe. Your traffic bounces between nodes on the Tor network before emerging at its destination, preserving your privacy.

Tor Browser

Once you connect with Tor browser, your traffic is being anonymized. The interface is clean, made compatible with FireFox Photon UI and I thing you should try it out.

Download Tor browser 8.5 stable version here.

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