10 Meizu models will receive Flyme 7 update with OneMind 3.0

At the Meizu 16s conference, the company also released its new OneMind 3.0 system tool, which it believe would boost the performance of the Snapdragon 855 SoC. According to Meizu, OneMind 3.0 was originally designed to accompany Flyme 8 but this system is still many months away and it decided to release this software tool with the Meizu 16s which uses Flyme 7 OS.

It is understood that OneMind 3.0 consists of seven new technologies and the company claims that it took three years to build the system. Earlier today, a new Flyme 7 update was released and this new system comes with OneMind 3.0. According to the release notes, ten models will finally get the new system.

This update is expected to optimize the system background, scheduling strategy, stabilize gaming and enhance the gaming experience.

Improvement From Flyme 7

  • Solve the problem that the desktop plug-in data is not updated. Solve the problem that the black screen is not responding in some scenarios.
  • Solve the problem that the Flyme style icon switch cannot be turned off
  • Solve the problem that there is still a “small window open” button after the “small window open” switch is turned off
  • Solve the problem that the personal assistant’s express dynamic information update is not timely

Meizu Devices To Get The New Flyme 7 Update

The 10 models receiving this update are as below;

  • Meizu 16th
  • Meizu 16th Plus
  • Meizu 16 X
  • Meizu 15 Plus
  • Meizu 15
  • Meizu M15
  • Meizu PRO 7 Plus
  • Meizu PRO 7 High Edition
  • Meizu PRO 7 Standard Edition
  • Charm Blue Note 6.

This new Flyme 7 update solves the issue of the inability to update the desktop plug-in data. It also takes care of partial response of the screen. Users can now conveniently switch off the Flyme style icon and the update also fixes a couple of bugs.


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