Before the middle of last year, the Picture-in-Picture feature on YouTube was reserved exclusively for users with a paid subscription – program known today as YouTube Premium.

In the US, however, a few months ago, it was possible to use picture-in-picture function without having a subscription, to continue watching a video while other activities are being carried out on the smartphone. From today, however, the function is rolling out all over the world for all users.

The switch to be activated is visible in the General tab in the Settings and allows, by pressing the Home button, to view the video in a small floating window that can be moved at will.

Currently, the function seems to be active, outside the USA, only in Italy, but it is likely that it is a staged roll out that will also affect other countries in the coming days. For now, Google has not released official information on the subject, but it could do so in the coming days.

Have you already received the new feature? Do you find it useful? The comment box is at your disposal.


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