Top 5 Best 3D Movies Coming Out in 2019

In the bid to give the audience a mind-blowing entertainment, movies with mind-bending action sequences or enthralling them with scenes of an intergalactic war, 3D has become pretty much the go-to choice of film-makers. And even though the reliance on CGI and other cutting-edge visual effects techniques balloons up the budget, the end result is something that’s totally worth it.

Well, after bring you the Top 15 Best 3D movies past few years, we are bringing you a list of the best 3D movies released or to be released in 2019 that are totally worth watching in a visually immersive fashion. The films on our list fall into different genre ranging from animated superhero flicks and drama to high-octane action films. So, let’s wait no more and get straight to business

Top 5 Best 3D Movies Coming Out in 2019

If you are looking forward to watching some 3D movies next year, here are a few names you should note down ASAP:


The live-action adaptation of one of the most-loved children’s stories has already sent a wave of excitement among children as well as adults who’ve grown up watching the animated version. And with a name like Will Smith voicing the hilarious Genie, we don’t see any reason not to watch this movie in 3D and experience the land of Agrabah in all its glory.

Release Date: May 24, 2019

Avengers Endgame

Is there a need to explain why this movie should be watched in 3D? Avengers Endgame concludes the tale of Marvel superheroes in their battle against the Mad Titan, Thanos, who has already wiped out half of all life across the universe. Even though we are yet to see a trailer which shows what visual spectacle the movie will present us, the previous Avengers movies are a clear indication that Avengers Endgame will be remembered for years to come.

Release: April 26, 2019

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Godzilla: King of the Monsters

Finally. We’ll get to see Godzilla sharing screen space with the rest of Earth’s original rulers, the primitive beasts which include the likes of King Ghidorah, Mothra, Rodan and King Kong. The previous Godzilla film was a festival of awesome special effects and seriously wowed the audience, and one look at the upcoming movie’s trailer will assure you that Godzilla: King of the Monsters will be much, much better.

Release: May 22, 2019

The Lion King

The Lion King is finally ascending from the realm of animated cartoons to a life-like version on screen. While we’ve seen impressive visual effects in movies like The Jungle Book and Mowgli, The Lion King’s trailer makes it abundantly clear that the upcoming film’s visual effects fall in a different league altogether. And what better way to enjoy it in than 3D? Take a look at the trailer and decide for yourself.

July 19, 2019

Pokemon: Detective Pikachu

Ryan Reynolds is the voice of Pikachu in Pokemon: Detective Pikachu. Need I say more? The realistically furry version of the yellow Pokemon looks cute beyond measure, and that detective hat makes Pikachu look incredible. But appearance aside, the film’s trailer gives us a sneak peek of the awesome Poke monster battles we are about to witness in cinemas next year.

The hype and anticipation for the film are massive beyond measure, and with the director promising it to be a carnival of action and fun, we don’t see a reason to not enjoy Pokemon: Detective Pikachu in 3D.

May 10, 2019

Conclusion: 3D Movies Coming Out in 2019

That concludes our list of the best upcoming 3D movies in 2019 that you simply cannot afford to miss. What do you have to say about the flicks we mentioned above? Did we miss any noteworthy movie released in the past few years that’s totally worth watching in 3D? Do let us know in the comments section below and share the awesomeness with the world.

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