The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) says a total of 95.7 million SIM cards being used by subscribers are non-compliant with the proper registration requirements.

NCC officials said the agency will send the owners of the SIM cards back to registration centres for recapturing; otherwise perpetrators of fraudulently registered SIM cards will be charged with felony and risk a 25-year jail term.

Out of a total 151.4 million subscribers registered, only 55.7 million are valid.

“A total of 151,449,837 registration data of subscribers have been processed, with only 55,749,652 records valid, making 63.2 per cent of the total records invalid based on invalid face capturing and fingerprints”, thereby underscoring the importance of proper SIM registration,”

According to NCC, sanctions will extend to the head of marketing of mobile network operators and even the chief executives of licensees who illegally benefit from such illegal SIM registration activities to meet their marketing targets.

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