Nokia 8110 4G gets V15 update, it comes with WhatsApp and Facebook support globally

Facebook and WhatsApp for Nokia 8110 4G is finally here after an almost forever wait. Software update v15.00.17.03 have started rolling out for the device since yesterday and it came the two apps.

Now, users of this smart feature phone with an interesting slider form factor can connect and interact with their loved ones on two of the most powerful social and messaging services in existence today.

How to download Facebook and WhatsApp for Nokia 8110 4G

Download and install software version to your phone. It is available over-the-air (OTA). Just dive into your Settings -> Device Information -> Software Updates.

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It is a very small update, weighing in at roughly 32 MB. All KaiOS system and app updates are small by design. It is an operating system designed primarilly for emerging markets after all.

After installing the update and the phone has restarted, launch the KaiStore app, and you will find both the WhatsApp and Facebook apps waiting in there to be downloaded.

Select them one after the other to download them. There are a number of other apps, including Google Maps, Google Assistant, Twitter and YouTube, available in the Store.

According to reports, the update is rolling out globally to all active Nokia 8110 4G phones, so if you have one, install the update right away and start enjoying the new apps and features.

It is exciting to see WhatsApp for Nokia 8110 4G finally released. It makes the banana phone a whole lot more appealing to the target audience. The real question now is how you are going to keep up with those chats on the old school keypad. We are not sure how we will either.

The 8110 4G is a 4G smart feature phone that has WiFi hotspot feature, so you can share your Internet with other devices. You can go through the full Nokia 8110 4G specs.

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