Nokia 6.1 Plus and 5.1 Plus Charging Port issues: You Are Not The Only One

There has been a deluge of reports of a Nokia 6.1 Plus charging port problem. The Nokia 5.1 Plus has not been spared either. Nokia 5.1 Plus and Nokia 6.1 Plus were announced on the same day in July 2018. And being in the same class of devices, chances are that they share similar components.

What is more interesting is that both devices have a USB-C port. And users of both phones are complaining about issues with their phone ports.

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Nokia 6.1 Plus charging port issue reports from Facebook

Below are some reports from Facebook:

Facebook user, Chowkidaar Jhonny, from Delhi in Inida, says:

A very big problem with nokia iis their type-c port,
Nd its getting damaged automatically after 3-4 months

Another users, Chaitanya Kothakota, says:

My speaker is very low after three months buying and type c is loose in phone

And from Munavir Ismail:

Charging port not fucking working.

The reports are very similar. In summary, the charging port gets loose and stops functioning after a few months of usage.

Nokia 6.1 Plus charging port issue reports from Nokia Phones Community

A user submitted a complaint about the issue on the Nokia phones community:

Charging gets connected and disconnected on its own. The phone is new and I insert only Type – C OTG and charging cable that’s all. I maintain my one well. What should I do?

Many others users have responded to his complaint to say they are experiencing the same thing.

Of course, not all Nokia 6.1 Plus users are experiencing this problem. Many others report not having any such issues.

It does seem that there are batches of the model that have this issue from the factory. It is a similar story with the Nokia 5.1 Plus.

What to do about your Nokia 6.1 Plus charging port issue

Take it to an official Nokia phone service centre to have it fixed. Do not attempt to fix it yourself and do not take it to road-side technicians, as this may invalidate your warranty. Being a factory issue, Nokia should fix it free of charge to you at their authorized service centres.

If you own a Nokia 5.1 Plus or a Nokia 6.1 Plus, what has your experience been with the charging port?

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