Google search continues to glows, all thanks to the arrival of the Material Theme on more and more cards, with more detailed results and more information. In the past few days, we have talked about the weather and cinema cards, but apparently the update is roll out also for other information.

The updates are coming from the server side, so it is possible that not all users already have new views active. Much of the searches now has a new look, as shown in the gallery below: music, books, sports figures, fictional characters, writers, artists and celebrities in general.

The new cards basically provide more information, although apparently not consistently for all searches. So it happens that a character or an artist has a complete card, maybe with famous phrases, and others of the same caliber have a simple card, or just the famous phrases.

It should be noted that the new cards dedicated to recipes, and in particular to their ingredients, add suggestions for new ideas on their use, with suggestions for similar foods. The feature is being rolled out on the but it may take a long time to reach all users


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