Google Chrome Spell Checker Not Working? How to fix it

One of the good feature offered by the Google Chrome browser is the inclusion of a spell checker which is quite helpful. If the feature does not work well, it could be because some additional incorrect words that might have unknowingly are included. However, it is possible to eliminate those incorrect words and are recognized as valid by this feature and that’s why this article is here for you.

There are many interesting features the Mountain View company incorporated into its Chrome Browser and one of them is the inclusion of Dictionary. And, this is can easily be found in a simple way.

Aside that, with these inbuilt features in your browser, there will be no need to install Google Docs tool on the computer, thereby saving you some spaces. “Killing two birds with a stone!”, as they say.

Configuring Google Chrome’s in-built Dictionary

As you will see, it’s very easy, since you do not need to resort to complex settings in the feature.

How to enable Spell Checker on Google Chrome Browser

Step 1: The first thing to do is to go the Google Chrome Settings (use the icon with three vertical points in the upper right area) or copy and paste (chrome://settings/) into the address bar.

Step 2: Then scroll down to locate and click on Advanced Settings to access the options for the spell checker.

Step 3: See the option for Use a web service to help resolve spelling errors at the bottom? Just go ahead and enable that by clicking the button to right. If it’s blue, then it’s been enabled

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How to set up your preferred language

While you are here, you can scroll down a little further to Language and input to, ensure that is set to your preferred language.

If there’s a needs to change that, just click the button to the right of the language to change it.

How to remove saved incorrect words in Google Chrome’s Dictionary

To eliminate those incorrect words mistakenly saved in your Chrome’s dictionary,

Step 1: Simply go further a bit from you stop above, you will see custom spelling under Spell Check. This is where all the words that you added to the Google Chrome dictionary are kept.

Step 2: Start removing your unwanted words by clicking on the icon in the form of an X on the right. However, there is also a text box in the upper area where there is also the possibility of adding a word in case this is what you want to do.


By the way, an important detail: in the Languages section of Google Chrome it is possible to add more to those that are used in the browser. This may be necessary at specific times and, fortunately, this process is completely reversible by clicking on the icon with three vertical points to the right of the new one and selecting Remove.

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