MTN Audrey Care is an all-inclusive maternal and child healthcare service, which has as its primary aim the reduction of maternal and child mortality, as well as the improvement of maternal and child health and nutrition behaviour.

How To Activate MTN Audrey Care

By simply dialing *921#, a woman can easily subscribe to the service, paying only N100 a week for all the benefits she will enjoy. These include a pregnancy insurance cover, a free Audrey pack (a selection of maternal and newborn healthcare products) and valid health and nutrition support information.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs) On MTN Audrey Care

What are the components of MTN Audrey Care?

The service has three variants, namely:

  1. Trying to Conceive Plan
  2. Pregnant Woman Plan
  3. Nursing Mother Plan

How much does each plan cost?

The cost is N100 weekly.

How do I activate plans or update my profile?

The service uses USSD for registration, profile update, activation and deactivation of plans. You can access these by simply dialling *921#.

Can I change my plan after some time?

Yes. You can opt out of your old plan and choose a new plan. You will not be charged for deactivation but will be charged N100 upon activation of a new plan. Dial *921*4# to get started.

How do I access the insurance plan?

You are entitled to insurance cover after 12 weeks of activation without opting out. You can check your eligibility status by dialling *921#. This also entitles you to your pregnancy pack (mum-to-be Pack) and the newborn pack after delivery.

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How do I update my profile?

You can update your profile by dialling *921*2#. Then input your details. The details required are name, date of birth and location.

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How do I check if my insurance cover is still valid?

You can dial *921*3# to check the validity of your insurance cover.

When am I eligible to make a claim?

You are eligible to make a claim after 12 weeks of activation without opting out.

Can I use this service from my post-paid line?

Yes. This service is available to both prepaid and post-paid customers. It is available to all registered customers on the MTN network.

How often will content be delivered to me?

Content will be delivered to you at least once in a day.

Can I choose the language I want content to be delivered to me in?

Yes. Content can be delivered to you in any language of your choice. Available languages include English, Igbo, Hausa, Pidgin and Yoruba.

How often will I be charged for this service?

Weekly. You will be charged N100 weekly. Charges shall be from your main account. Bonus accounts shall not be used to fund this service.

Do I automatically get migrated to a Newborn Plan after I give birth?

Yes. After week 42, you will be automatically migrated to the Newborn Plan. If you wish to migrate before week 42, you can simply opt out of your old plan and activate a new plan.

How can I get support for this product?

Customers can obtain support for the service by calling 01-460 0000, 216 or 180. Customers can also send an email to

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How long is the Newborn Plan?

The Newborn Plan is for 104 weeks, that is, 2 years.

How do I get my Audrey Pack?

To get your Audrey pack, visit and fill the request form or send an SMS to 32120 in this format: TAP (space) Name (space) hospital name (space) hospital address (space) NB/MTB.

Where do I pick my Audrey Pack from?

Your pack will be delivered to your hospital at no cost.

Will I get my Audrey Pack if I am not based in Lagos?

Yes you will, as long as you are in Nigeria and registered in a hospital.

How long should I be on the service before I get my Audrey Pack?

You have to be on the service for 12 weeks without opting out before you get your Audrey Pack.

Can I pick my Audrey Pack from any hospital?

No, you can only pick your pack from your registered hospital, where you go for your antenatal or immunization.

Can my husband pick up my Audrey Pack?

Yes he can, provided his name and number are on your request form.

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