Cost of repairing a Galaxy S10 shows that iPhone’s repair cost is ridiculously too high

Samsung has finally announced the amount it will cost you to repair its latest flagship smartphones, the Galaxy S10, S10+, and S10e, and those prices ridicules that of the iPhone’s repair cost.

The South Korean giant announced the repair prices for the phones, for both screen repairs, and back glass panel repairs. If you need to get the screen on your Samsung S10-series smartphone replaced, you will be charged $199 for replacing the screen on the Galaxy S10e, $249 for the Galaxy S10, and $269 for the Galaxy S10+ by the company.

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In contrast, Apple charges $199 for replacing the LCD panel on the iPhone XR, $279 for the OLED on the iPhone XS, and $329 for the OLED on the iPhone XS Max. The big issue here, is that replacing the LCD panel on the iPhone XR is apparently just as costly as replacing an OLED panel on the Galaxy S10e, which is better than the XR’s display in every way, at least to our eyes.

Samsung Galaxy S10 shattered screen (courtesy)

What’s even the greater deal, is the cost attached to the replacement of the back panel on the phones. Both the iPhone XS-lineup, and Galaxy S10-lineup of smartphones come with gorgeous glass backs, but if you end up shattering the back on your S10, Samsung will charge you $99 (for the S10e, S10, and S10+). However, Apple, will charge you $399 for the iPhone XR’s back, $549 for the iPhone XS, and a whopping, mind-numbing, wallet-reaking $599 for the iPhone XS Max’s back panel.

That can be attributed to the way Apple has packed things inside the iPhone XS Max — something that iFixit talked about in its teardown, saying “Despite the many improvements this phone received, it’s got the same iPhone 8/iPhone X back glass construction, meaning one tiny crack calls for a whole chassis replacement.”

That’s just silly design, I’d argue, because the S10 is just as gorgeous a piece of technology, and Samsung managed to fit all of that inside the sleek body without messing up the repair process.

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