Mifi devices that works with Glo 4G (LTE band 28)

If you are looking for 4G mifi devices that supports Glo 4G, here is a compiled list of the supported mifi devices for your convenience. This list include their prices, as well as related useful information.

Most 4G mifi devices support Airtel, Ntel, 9Mobile and MTN 4G networks, because their LTE bands are common. Glo 4G, however, uses the 4G LTE band 28, which is not supported by many smartphones and mifis. This is why you need to be specific when shopping for a mifi for use on the Glo 4G network.

While Glo sells a branded 4G mifi, it is locked to the network. We recommend that as much as possible, you buy an unlocked mifi device. This is because somewhere along the line, you will need to use it on another network. In Nigeria, that is almost a given, which is why we have taken the time to compile a list of 4G mifi devices that work with Glo 4G.

You do not want to be stuck on that inevitable day when you need to switch networks. Get a mifi that supports at least all the major 4G networks in the country – 9mobile, Airtel, MTN, Glo – and possibly Smile.

Let’s have a look at some of the available 4G mifi devices in the market that support Glo 4G.

Mifi devices that work with Glo 4G

Our list has 4 devices, all of them compatible with Glo 4G network, as well as the other major 4G networks listed earlier.

1. Huawei E5573s-606

First on our list is one of the most popular – the E5573s-606. It is a variant of the Huawei E5573s. The specs are basic and it is very affordable. Have a look at the key features and specs:

Huawei E5573s-606 Specifications and Features

  • Maximum Download Speed: 150Mbit/s
  • Maximum Upload Speed: 50Mbit/s
  • Connects up to 10 devices simultaneously.
  • 1500 mAh battery

Price: This is also about the cheapest 4G mifi in the market at the moment as its price ranges between ₦10,000 and ₦12,000.

2. Huawei E5377Bs-605

Next on the list of 4G mifi devices that work with Glo 4G is another Huawei product.

Huawei E5377Bs-605 Specifications and Features

Key specs of the E5377Bs-605 include:

  • Maxuimum Download Speed: 150Mbit/s
  • Maximum Upload Speed: 50Mbit/s
  • 1.45” TFT LCD display
  • 1500 mAh battery.
  • Connect up to 10 devices at a time.

The Huawei E5377Bs-605 is priced for about ₦17,000 in the market now.

3. ZTE MF910 MF910V

ZTE MF910 MF910V Specifications and Features

ZTE MF910 MF910V is another one of a handful of mifi devices that work with Glo 4G. Its fey features include:

  • Maximum Download Speed: 150 Mbps
  • Maximum Upload Speed: 50 Mbp
  • 1.44 inch TFT colour screen.
  • 2300mAh battery that the manufacturer says “can last up to 8 hours surfing time”.

As a bonus, the MF910V also supports Smile 4G’s Band 20.

Price: It comes with a price tag of about ₦16,000.

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4. Huawei E5786s-62a / E5786s-63a

Here is another Huawei mifi that supports Glo 4G’s LTE Band 28. The Huawei E5786s-62a and Huawei E5786s-63a have the biggest batteries here and should provide longer surfing hours.

Huawei E5786s-62a / E5786s-63a Specifications and Price

  • Maximum Download Speed: 300 Mbps
  • Maximum Upload Speed: 100 Mbps.
  • Connect up to 16 devices/users at a time.
  • 3000 mAh battery, with a “maximum operating time to 10 hours”.
  • TFT-LCD screen.

These are the most advanced 4G portable hotspots on our list. Expect to pay between ₦25,000 and ₦30,000 to get one.

Important Note while buying 4G mifi devices that work with Glo 4G

Each of the above devices are variants of specific models, so be sure to look out for the model names as used in this article. Their other variants may not necessarily support LTE Band 28.

Also note that this list is not exhaustive. There are other portable 4G mifi devices that work with Glo 4G in the market. At all times, be sure to ask the retailer if the device supports Glo 4G. We strongly recommend that you take your Glo 4G SIM card along to test the device at the point of purchase.

When buying, emphasize that you want an unlocked mifi. Unlocked means you will be able to use it with other 4G networks.

Mobile App Management

Do not forget that, perhaps wiothe the exception of the ZTE, all of these mifi devices that work with Glo 4G can be administered/managed via a compatible mobile app on your smartphone. The Huawei HiLink mobile app lets you block/approve users, manage data, change the hotspot password, and more.

More About LTE Band 28

Finding compatible devices for Glo 4G’s LTE Band 28 can be headache inducing, but it offers some great benefits. You can read more on the LTE Band 28 here.

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