Twitter rolls out new Dark Mode feature called Light Out for iOS devices. How to activate it

Twitter rolled out Night Mode for Android and iOS in 2016. Today, the micro-blogging company has rolled out an OLED-friendly dark mode for iOS powered devices.

Twitter has announced a new feature called “Lights out” which brings a proper dark mode to its iOS app. Turning it on changes the app’s UI to pitch black instead of dark blue. This does a better job at conserving battery on your device if it’s equipped with an OLED display.

How To Activate The New Dark Mode (Lights out Feature) on iOS 

To turn on this new dark mode,

  1. Go to Settings and privacy
  2. Then locate Display and Sound
  3. Tap on the toggle button next to ‘Dark mode’. Doing so will give you two options – ‘Dim’ and ‘Lights out’.
  4. Select the “Lights out” to get a black background.

Note: The old Night Mode is now called “Dim”.

At present, there’s no word on when this feature will make it to Android.


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