Top Facebook Executives Resigns As Preparation For Unified Platform Begins

Facebook’s CEO has announced that two important executives have left the company and they are Chris Cox and Chris Daniels.

Chris Cox, former CPO of Facebook, has been with the giant social network for about thirteen years while Chris Daniels took over WhatsApp operations last May.

At the same time, Mark Zuckerberg will lead the social media platform towards his vision of a unified and encrypted platform that he says will focus on privacy.

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And it was precisely on this point that Cox focused on a post announcing the decision to leave the company, explaining that the social network team is completely focused on creating an encrypted and interoperable messaging network.

According to what has been announced by Zuckerberg, no one will immediately take the place of Cox while Will Cathcart will move from the Facebook app to WhatsApp and his current assignment will be entrusted to Fidji Simo.

In essence, Zuckerberg has laid the foundations for its next important innovation. We’ll see.

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