Samsung Online Mall was attacked by cyber hackers

Recently, Samsung China official website launched the “old-for-new” campaign for the newly announced Galaxy S10 series. When a user trades in an old model (probably the predecessor), s/he can get the corresponding device in the Galaxy S10 series.

The official website shows that the S10e goes for 4,999 yuan ($745) but with a trade-in, you can get it for 1999 yuan ($298). The Galaxy S10 sells for 5,999 yuan ($894) but you can get it for 2,999 yuan ($447) if you give your old device. As for the S10+, it goes for only 3,999 yuan ($596) if you trade-in your old device as against its 6,999 yuan ($1043) normal price.

However, there were reports that Samsung Mall official website started malfunctioning such that you don’t even need a trade-in to place an order for these devices at the trade-in price. Some other products were also ordered for an outrageously low price. 

In this regard, Samsung online mall officially announced that at 0:00 on March 16th, Samsung Online Mall was attacked by cyber hackers. It said that some orders were abnormal and there were errors in data generation. The company has reported the incident to the relevant authorities and will communicate with users who were affected by the hack.

The following is the full text of Samsung’s response (translation is a bit rusty):

Dear Mall User:

From 0:00 on March 16th, Samsung Online Mall was attacked by cyber hackers, some orders were abnormal, and there were data generation errors. For this matter, our company has reported to the public security organs. For abnormal orders caused by hacker attacks, our customer service staff will communicate with relevant users and we apologize for the inconvenience. If you have any questions, please contact the customer service on the phone: 400-071-8899.



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