WHAT IS VOICE OVER IP? List of Android devices that supports VoIP recording

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology lets you use your company’s network to make and receive telephone calls over the internet. VoIP is available in a wide range of services, but works just like a regular phone system, letting you call from a traditional telephone handset or even a cell phone to any other phone.

Advantages of VoIP

  1. Integration: VoIP allows integration with other forms of communications to improve Customer Relationship Management
  2. Flexibility: Allows unprecidented flexibility and customazation to make it work for you
  3. Functionality: VoIP provides easy access to features like call forwarding, electronic faxing, three way conferencing, and call distribution
  4. Lower Cost: By allowing a business to integrate their phone system into their network, VoIP helps lower startup and maintenance costs.

List of Android devices that supports VoIP recording

Below are some Android devices have VoIP call recording enabled and some don’t. Go through this updated list and check if your device is mentioned there.

Model info ModelName | ProductName | Android Ver.
Acer T02 Liquid Z530 T02|T02_ww|5.1
Acer T03 Liquid Z630 T03|T03_emea_gen2|5.1
Acer T04 Liquid Z630S T04|T04_ind_gen1|5.1
Acer T08 Liquid Zest Plus T08|t08_ww|6.0
Alcatel 4013M One Touch Pixi 3 (4) 4013M|4013M|4.4.2
Alcatel 4017F Pixi 4 (3.5) 4017F|4017F|5.1
Alcatel 4034A Pixi 4 (4) 4034A|4034A|6.0
Alcatel 4034E PIXI 4 4034E|4034E|6.0
Alcatel 4047A U5 4047A|4047A|7.0
Alcatel 4055J U3 4055J|4055J|6.0
Alcatel 5010D PIXI 4 (5) 5010D|5010D|6.0
Alcatel 5010D PIXI 4 (5) 5010U|5010U|6.0
Alcatel 5010E PIXI 4 (5) 5010E|5010E|6.0
Alcatel 5015D One Touch Pop 3(5) 5015D|5015D|5.1
Alcatel 5019D One Touch Pixi 3 (4.5) 5019D|5019D|5.1
Alcatel 5023F Pixi 4 Plus Power 5023F|5023F|6.0
Alcatel 5026D 3C 5026J|5026J|7.0
Alcatel 5046Y A3 5046J|5046J|6.0
Alcatel 5080A Shine Lite 5080A|5080A|6.0
Alcatel 5080X Shine Lite 5080X|5080X|6.0
Alcatel 5085X A5 LED 5085B|5085B|6.0
Alcatel 5085X A5 LED 5085J|5085J|6.0
Alcatel 5090A A7 5090I|5090I|7.0
Alcatel 8050D PIXI 4(6) 8050D|8050D|5.1
Alcatel 8050E PIXI 4 (6) 8050E|8050E|5.1
Alcatel 9008D A3 XL 9008J|9008J|7.0
Alcatel 9008J A3 XL 9008J|9008J|7.0
Alcatel A463BG Onetouch Pixi GLITZ A463BG|A463BG|4.4.2
Alcatel FL02 Flash Plus 2 FL02|FlashPlus2|6.0
Alcatel MTC 982 MTC 982|MTC_982|4.2.2
Alcatel ONE TOUCH 4009F Pixi 3 (3.5) 4009F|4009F|4.4.2
Alcatel One Touch 4014D ONE TOUCH 4014D|Yaris35|4.2.2
Alcatel ONE TOUCH 4015N Pop C1 ONE TOUCH 4015N|Yaris35|4.2.2
Alcatel ONE TOUCH 4016A POP C1 ONE TOUCH 4016A|Yaris35|4.2.2
Alcatel One Touch 6012X Touch Idol Mini ALCATEL ONE TOUCH 6012X|California|4.2.2
Alcatel ONE TOUCH 7040A Pop C7
Alcatel ONE TOUCH 7041D POP C7
Alcatel ONE TOUCH 7042A Pop C7+
Alcatel ONE TOUCH 7047A Pop C9
Alcatel ONE TOUCH 7047D Pop C9
Alcatel ONETOUCH 4028E Pixi 3 4.5 4028E|4028E|4.4.2
Alcatel OT-5036D Pop C5
Alcatel OT-8008D Scribe HD 8008D ALCATEL ONE TOUCH 8008D|Scribe5HD|4.2.1
Allview P4 Alldro P4|GIONEE|4.2.2
Allview P4 Alldro P4|GIONEE|4.4.2
Allview P6 Quad P6_Quad|ALLVIEW|4.1.2
Allview P7 Xtreme P7_Xtreme|ALLVIEW|4.2.2
Allview P8 Energy P8_Energy|P8_Energy|5.1
Allview X2 Soul Pro X2_Soul_PRO|X2_Soul_PRO|5.0
Allview X3_Soul_Style X3_Soul_Style|X3_Soul_Style|7.0
Archos 50e Neon Archos 50e Neon|MTKAC50ENE|6.0
Archos 55 Helium Archos 55 Helium|MTKAC55HE|6.0
Asus T00J Zenfone 5 ASUS_T00J|TW_a501cg|4.4.2
Asus T00J Zenfone 5 ASUS_T00J|WW_a501cg|4.4.2
Asus X008 Pegasus 3 ASUS_X008|WW_Phone|6.0
Asus X008D Pegasus 3 ASUS_X008D|WW_Phone|6.0
Asus X008D Pegasus 3 ASUS_X008D|WW_Phone|7.0
Asus X008DA Zenfone 3 Max ASUS_X008DA|ID_Phone|7.0
Asus X008DB Zenfone 3 Max ASUS_X008DB|JP_Phone|7.0
Asus X008DB Zenfone 3 Max ASUS_X008DB|TW_Phone|6.0
Asus X008DB Zenfone 3 Max ASUS_X008DB|TW_Phone|7.0
Asus X00GD ASUS_X00GD|IN_X00G|7.0
Asus Z002 ZenFone 6 ASUS_Z002|WW_a601cg|4.4.2
Asus Z00SD Zenfone Go 4.5 ASUS_Z00SD|WW_Phone|5.1
Asus Z00VD Zenfone Go ASUS_Z00VD|WW_Phone|5.1
Asus Z00YD Live G500TG ASUS_Z00YD|WW_Phone|5.1
Asus ZB570TL ZenFone Max Plus M1 ASUS_X018D|WW_X018|7.0
Avvio 489 Avvio_489|Avvio_489|4.4.2
Avvio 750 Avvio_750|Avvio_750|4.4.2
Avvio 787 AVVIO 787|AVVIO 787|4.4.2
Azumi A35C Lite Azumi A35C_Lite|zechin72_w_kk|4.4.2
Azumi IRO A5QL Azumi_IRO_A5_QL|Azumi_IRO_A5_QL|6.0
Beeline Beeline Smart 3 Beeline Smart 3|BeelineSmart3|4.4.2
Beeline Fast Beeline Fast|Beeline_Fast|5.1
Beeline Tab Pro Beeline Tab Pro|BeelineTabPro|5.0
Beelink X2 X2|X2|5.1
Blackview A7 A7|A7|7.0
Blackview A8 MAX A8 MAX|x5623_jk_a8_37m65|6.0
Blackview BV5000 BV5000|full_hct6735m_35gu_l|5.1
Blackview BV5000 BV5000|full_hct6735m_35gu_m0|6.0
Blackview BV6000 BV6000|Blackview|7.0
Blackview BV6000S BV6000S|BV6000S|7.0
Blackview BV7000 BV7000|BV7000|7.0
Blackview E7S E7s|E7s|7.0
BLU Advance 5.0 BLU Advance 5.0|BLU_Advance_5.0|5.1
BLU Dash XL Dash XL|Dash_XL|6.0
BLU Life One x Life One X|Life_One_X|6.0
BLU Pure XR Pure XR|BLU_Pure_XR|6.0
BLU R1 HD R1 HD|R1_HD|6.0
BLU Studio C 5+5 BLU STUDIO C 5+5|BLU STUDIO C 5+5|5.0
BLU Studio C HD Studio C HD|Studio_C_HD|6.0
BLU Studio G HD LTE Studio G HD LTE|Studio_G_HD_LTE|6.0
BLU Studio One Plus
BLU Studio XL 2 Studio XL 2|Studio_XL_2|6.0
BLUBOO Maya Maya|full_magc6580_we_m|6.0
Bmobile AX620
Bmobile AX675 AX675|Bmobile.AX675|4.4.2
BQ Android 7.0 BQ-5059|BQ-5059|7.0
BQ Aquaris A4.5 Aquaris_A4.5|Aquaris_A45|7.0
BQ Aquaris E4.5 Aquaris E4.5|Aquaris_E45|5.0
BQ Aquaris E5 HD Aquaris E5 HD|Aquaris_E5_HD|4.4.2
BQ Aquaris E6 Aquaris E6|Aquaris_E6|4.4.2
BQ BQ-5032 Element BQ-5032|BQ-5032|6.0
BQ BQ-5059 Strike Power BQ-5059|BQ-5059|7.0
BQ BQS-5050 Selfie Strike BQS-5050|BQS-5050|6.0
BQ BQS-5070 Magic BQS-5070|BQS-5070|6.0
BQ BQS-5502 Hammer BQS-5502|BQS-5502|5.1
BQ BQS-5515 BQS-5515|BQS-5515|5.1
Bravis Atlas A551 Atlas A551|full_w825_648_aw_loq_ukraine_ddr3|5.1
Casper VIA F1 VIA_F1|VIA_F1|6.0
Casper VIA_A1_1 VIA A1 VIA_A1_1|VIA_A1_1|6.0
CAT S60 S60|S60|7.0
Cherry Mobile Flare S Play Flare S Play|Flare S Play|5.1
China Phone A8 A8|A8|5.1
Comio C1 COMIO C1|ComioC1|7.0
Condor PAM412 Claw G2s PAM412|PAM412|4.4.2
Condor PGN-504 C5 PGN-504|condor|4.4.2
Condor PGN-508 C6 Plus PGN-508|condor|4.4.2
Condor PGN517 PLUME P6 PGN517|PGN517|5.1
Condor PGN518 Plume P6 pro PGN518|PGN518|5.1
Condor PGN528 Plume P6 PRO Lte PGN528|PGN528|7.0
Condor PGN605 Plume P8 PGN605|PGN605|6.0
Condor PGN610 Plume P8 Lite PGN610|PGN610|6.0
Condor PGN610 Plume P8 Lite PGN610|PGN610|7.0
Condor PGN611 Allure A8 PGN611|PGN611|6.0
Coolpad CP8298_I00 Note 3 Lite CP8298_I00|CP8298_I00|5.1
Coolpad CP8676_I02 Note 3 CP8676_I02|CP8676_I02|5.1
Coolpad CP8676_I02 Note 3 CP8676_I02|CP8676_I02|6.0
Coolpad CP8676_I03 Note 3 Plus CP8676_I03|CP8676_I03|5.1
Coolpad E502 Sky 3 Coolpad E502|CPY83_U00|6.0
Coolpad Y83-I00 Mega Coolpad Y83-I00|CPY83_I00|6.0
Cubot Dinosaur CUBOT DINOSAUR|x5623_h6013_cubot|6.0
Cubot Max CUBOT MAX|x6069_cubot_5365u|6.0
Cubot P6 P6|P6|5.0
Cubot P9 P9|P9|7.0
DEXP Ixion X140 Ixion X140|Ixion X140|4.4.2
DEXP Ixion XL240 Ixion XL240|XL240|4.4.2
DNS S4505M S4505M|s4505m|4.2.1
DOOGEE BL7000 BL7000|BL7000|7.0
DOOGEE HOMTOM HT16 HT16|full_br6580_weg_emmc_m|6.0
DOOGEE MIX Lite MIX Lite|GEN_EU_P635F50|7.0
DOOGEE X5 Max Pro X5max_PRO|X5max_PRO|6.0
DOOGEE X5max X5max|X5max|6.0
DOOGEE X60L X60L|t596_dg_x60l|7.0
DOOGEE X7pro X7pro|x6069_dg_a50_37m65|6.0
DOOGEE X9 Pro X9pro|X9pro|6.0
DOOGEE Y100X Y100X|full_hct6582_wt_l|5.0
dtac PhoneS3 dtacPhoneS3|dtacPhoneS3|7.0
dtac PhoneT2 dtac Phone T2|T2|6.0
Elephone P3000S Elephone P3000S|P3000S|4.4.2
Elephone P6000 Pro P6000 Pro|Elephone P6000 Pro|5.1
Elephone P8 Mini P8_Mini|P8_Mini|7.0
Elephone P8000 Elephone P8000|Elephone P8000|5.1
Elephone P9000 P9000|Elephone|7.0
Evercoss A66A* Elevate Y A66A*|A66A*|4.4.2
Evertek EverStar Q50 EverStar Q50|EverStar Q50|5.0
Explay Fresh Fresh|Fresh|4.4.2
Explay Gravity Gravity|Gravity|7.0
Explay Infinity Infinity Infinity|Dialog optima|5.1
Fly FS454 Nimbus 8 FS454|FS454|6.0.0
Fly FS506 Cirrus 3 FS506|FS506|5.1
Fly IQ 4502 Era Energy 1 IQ4502 Quad|Fly_Era_Energy_1|4.4.2
Fly IQ 456 ERA Life 2 IQ456|IQ456|4.2.2
Fly IQ4403 Energie 3 IQ4403|Fly|4.2.2
Fly IQ4410 Quad IQ4410 Quad|Fly|4.2.1
Fly IQ4415 Quad Era Style 3 IQ4415 Quad|IQ4415|4.4.2
Fly IQ4416 ERA Life 5 IQ4416|IQ4416|4.2.2
Fly IQ444 Quatro Diamond IQ444 Quattro|IQ444_Quattro|4.1.2
Fly IQ4514 IQ4514 Quad|IQ4514|4.4.2
Fly IQ4601 ERA Style 2 IQ4601|IQ4601|4.2.2
Garmin-Asus A10 A10|A10|4.2.1
General Mobile Air Discovery Air|GM|4.4.2
General Mobile Discovery II GM Discovery II|GM_Discovery_II|4.4.2
General Mobile Discovery II Mini Discovery II Mini|GM|4.4.2
Geunde S3 S3|S3|7.0
Gionee A1 A1|A1|7.0
Gionee A1 GIONEE A1|A1|7.0
Gionee A1 lite A1 lite|A1_lite|7.0
Gionee E8 Elife E8 E8|E8|5.1
Gionee Elife E7 GiONEE S7|S7|5.0
Gionee Elife S5.1 Ultra Slim S5.1|GiONEE|5.1
Gionee F103 F103|F103|5.0
Gionee F103 F103|F103|6.0
Gionee F103 Pro F103 Pro|F103_Pro|6.0
Gionee M5 Marathon M5|M5|5.1
Gionee M5 mini Marathon M5 mini M5 mini|M5_mini|5.1
Gionee M5 Plus M5 Plus|M5_Plus|5.1
Gionee M5_lite M5 Lite M5_lite|M5_lite|5.1
Gionee P3S P3S|P3S|5.1
Gionee P5 mini P5 mini|P5_mini|5.1
Gionee P5W Pioneer P5W P5W|P5W|5.1
Gionee P5W Pioneer P5W P5W|P5W|6.0
Gionee P7 GIONEE P7|P7|6.0
Gionee P7 Max P7 Max|P7_Max|6.0
Gionee Pioneer P2 P2|P2|6.0
Gionee Pioneer P5L (2016) P5L|P5L|5.1
Gionee S6 S6|S6|5.1
Gionee S6 S6|S6|6.0
Gionee S6 Pro S6 Pro|S6_Pro|6.0
Gionee S6s S6s|S6s|6.0
Gionee S6s S6s|S6s|7.0
Gionee X1 GIONEE X1|X1|7.0
Goophone Android 5.1 i7 Plus|full_hct6580_weg_a_l|5.1
GTab P709M P709M|P709M|4.4.2
HCL V1 Me V1 V1|V1|5.0.2
Highscreen Boost3 Boost3|BF169|6.0
Highscreen Power Ice Power Ice|PowerIce|5.1
Highscreen PowerFive PowerFive|PowerFive|5.0
Highscreen PowerFour PowerFour|PowerFour|5.1
Highscreen Zera F Zera F|Zera F|4.4.2
Highscreen Zera S Zera_S|Zera_S|4.2.2
Highscreen Zera S Power Zera-S-Power|highscreen-Zera-S-Power|4.4.2
Hisense F23 Hisense F23|F23E_10|7.0
Hisense L675 Hisense L675|L675|6.0
HOMTOM HT17Pro HT17Pro|HT17Pro|6.0
HOMTOM HT20 Pro HT20Pro|HT20Pro|6.0
HTC 0PJA2 One M9 0PJA2|himawhl_sprint_wwe|6.0
HTC 10 10 HTC 10|pmeuhl_00401|6.0.1
HTC 10 10 HTC 10|pmeuhl_00401|7.0
HTC 10 10 HTC 10|pmeuhl_00401|8.0.0
HTC 10 EVO Bolt HTC 10 evo|acawhl_00425|7.0
HTC 616 HTC Desire 616 Dual Sim HTC Desire 616 dual sim|htc_europe|4.2.2
HTC 620G Desire 620G
HTC Desire 620G dual sim|a31mg_dug_hTC_Asia_India|4.4.2
HTC 620G Desire 620G
HTC Desire 620G dual sim|a31mg_dug_htc_europe|4.4.2
HTC 820s HTC Desire
HTC Desire 820s dual sim|a50ml_dtul_htc_asia_wwe|4.4.4
HTC 820s HTC Desire HTC Desire 820s dual sim|a50ml_htc_europe|5.0.2
HTC A9 One A9 HTC One A9|hiaeuhl_00161|7.0
HTC A9 One A9 HTC One A9|hiaeuhl_00401|7.0
HTC A9 One A9 HTC One A9|hiaeul_00598|6.0
HTC A9 One A9 HTC One A9|hiaeul_00598|7.0
HTC A9 One A9 HTC One A9|hiaeul_00617|6.0.1
HTC A9 One A9 HTC One A9|hiaeul_00617|7.0
HTC A9U One A9 HTC_A9u|hiaeuhl_00709|7.0
HTC D10u Desire 10 Lifestyle HTC_D10u|a56djuhl_00709|6.0.1
HTC D626Q Desire 626 HTC_D626q|a32ml_htc_Asia_TW|4.4.4
HTC D728x Desire 728 HTC_D728x|a50cml_dtul_00709|5.1
HTC D816h HTC D816h|a5mgp_dug_htc_asia_tw|4.4.2
HTC D816x Desire 816 Dual Sim HTC_D816x|htc_asia_tw|6.0
HTC Desire 10 Lifestyle HTC Desire 10 lifestyle|a56djdugl_00400|6.0.1
HTC Desire 10 Lifestyle HTC Desire 10 lifestyle|a56djul_00600|6.0.1
HTC Desire 10 Lifestyle HTC Desire 10 lifestyle|a56djul_00619|6.0.1
HTC Desire 10 Pro HTC Desire 10 pro|a56dj_pro_dtwl_00400|6.0
HTC Desire 10 Pro HTC Desire 10 pro|a56dj_pro_dugl_00400|6.0
HTC Desire 10 Pro HTC Desire 10 pro|a56dj_pro_dugl_00401|6.0
HTC Desire 210 dual sim HTC Desire 210 dual sim|HTC_Eroupe|4.2.2
HTC Desire 526G HTC Desire 526G dual sim|v02_htc_europe|4.4.2
HTC Desire 526G HTC Desire 526G|v02_htc_la_amx_spa|4.4.2
HTC Desire 526G+
HTC Desire 526GPLUS dual sim|v02_htc_asia_wwe|4.4.2
HTC Desire 526G+ HTC Desire 526GPLUS dual sim|v02_htc_europe|4.4.2
HTC Desire 526h HTC_D526h|v02_htc_asia_wwe|4.4.2
HTC Desire 530 Desire 530 HTC Desire 530|a16ul_00592|6.0.1
HTC Desire 530 Desire 530 HTC Desire 530|a16ul_00593|6.0.1
HTC Desire 530 Desire 530 HTC Desire 530|a16ul_00600|6.0.1
HTC Desire 530 Desire 530 HTC Desire 530|a16ul_00619|6.0.1
HTC Desire 530 Desire 530 HTC Desire 530|a16ul_00620|6.0.1
HTC Desire 530 Desire 530 HTC Desire 530|a16ul_01550|6.0.1
HTC Desire 626 Desire 626 (USA) HTC Desire 626|a32ul_emea_htc_europe|6.0.1
HTC Desire 626 Dual Sim HTC Desire 626 dual sim|a32ml_HTC_Arabic|4.4.4
HTC Desire 626 Dual Sim HTC Desire 626 dual sim|a32ml_htc_Asia_TW|4.4.4
HTC Desire 626 Dual Sim HTC Desire 626 dual sim|v36bml_dugl_00400|5.1
HTC Desire 626 Dual Sim HTC Desire 626 dual sim|v36bml_dugl_00401|5.1
HTC Desire 626G Desire 626g HTC Desire 626G dual sim|a32mg_htc_europe|4.4.2
HTC Desire 626G PLUS Desire 626g+
HTC Desire 626GPLUS dual sim|a32mg_htc_asia_wwe|4.4.2
HTC Desire 626G PLUS Desire 626g+
HTC Desire 626GPLUS dual sim|a32mg_htc_europe|4.4.2
HTC Desire 628 HTC Desire 628 dual sim|v36bml_dugl_00400|5.1
HTC Desire 628 HTC Desire 628 dual sim|v36bml_dugl_00401|5.1
HTC Desire 628 HTC Desire 628|v36bml_uhl_00401|5.1
HTC Desire 630 dual sim Desire 630 HTC Desire 630 dual sim|a16dwgl_00400|6.0.1
HTC Desire 630 dual sim Desire 630 HTC Desire 630 dual sim|a16dwgl_00401|6.0.1
HTC Desire 650 HTC Desire 650|a17uhl_00600|6.0.1
HTC Desire 650 dual sim HTC Desire 650 dual sim|HTC_Europe|6.0
HTC Desire 728 Desire 728G dual sim HTC Desire 728 dual sim|a50cml_dtul_00401|5.1
HTC Desire 728 Desire 728G dual sim HTC Desire 728 dual sim|a50cml_dtul_00720|5.1
HTC Desire 728G Desire 728G dual sim HTC Desire 728|a50cml_tuhl_00401|5.1
HTC Desire 728G Desire 728G dual sim HTC Desire 728G dual sim|a50cmg_dwg_00401|5.1
HTC Desire 728G Desire 728G dual sim HTC Desire 728G dual sim|a50cmg_dwg_00720|5.1
HTC Desire 816 HTC Desire 816 dual sim|htc_asia_india|6.0
HTC Desire 816 HTC Desire 816 dual sim|htc_europe|6.0
HTC Desire 816 HTC Desire 816G|a5mgp_u_htc_turkey|4.4.2
HTC Desire 816G
HTC Desire 816G dual sim|a5mg_dug_htc_asia_india|4.4.2
HTC Desire 816G
HTC Desire 816G dual sim|a5mgp_dug_htc_asia_wwe|4.4.2
HTC Desire 816G
HTC Desire 816G dual sim|a5mgp_dug_htc_europe|4.4.2
HTC Desire 820 HTC Desire 820 dual sim|htc_asia_india|6.0.1
HTC Desire 820 HTC Desire 820|a51ul_htc_europe|6.0.1
HTC Desire 820G
HTC Desire 820G dual sim|a50mgp_dug_htc_emea|4.4.2
HTC Desire 820G PLUS dual sim Desire 820G+
HTC Desire 820G PLUS dual sim|a50mgp_dug_htc_asia_india|4.4.2
HTC Desire 820G PLUS dual sim Desire 820G+
HTC Desire 820G PLUS dual sim|a50mgp_dug_htc_emea|4.4.2
HTC Desire 825 HTC Desire 825|a56uhl_00118|6.0.1
HTC Desire 825 HTC Desire 825|a56uhl_00401|6.0.1
HTC Desire 826 HTC Desire 826 dual sim|a52dtul_htc_asia_wwe|6.0.1
HTC Desire 826 HTC Desire 826 dual sim|a52dwgl_htc_asia_india|6.0.1
HTC Desire 826 HTC Desire 826 dual sim|a52dwgl_htc_wwe_vnm|6.0.1
HTC Desire 828 HTC Desire 828 dual sim|a51bml_dtul_00401|5.1
HTC Desire 828 HTC Desire 828 dual sim|a51bml_dwgl_00720|5.1
HTC Desire 828 HTC Desire 828|a51bml_tuhl_00401|5.1
HTC Desire 830 Dual Sim HTC Desire 830 dual sim|a51cml_dtul_00400|5.1
HTC Desire 830 Dual Sim HTC Desire 830 dual sim|a51cml_dtul_00401|5.1
HTC E9s One E9 Dual Sim HTC One E9s dual sim|a50aml_htc_europe|5.0.2
HTC HTV31 J Butterfly HTV31|HTV31_jp_kdi|6.0.1
HTC M10h 10 HTC_M10h|pmeuhl_00709|7.0
HTC M10h 10 HTC_M10h|pmeuhl_00709|8.0.0
HTC M8 One M8 M8|M8|6.0
HTC M9 One M9 HTC One M9|himauhl_htc_europe|7.0
HTC M9 One M9 HTC One M9|himaulatt_htc_la_telcel_spa|7.0
HTC M9 One M9 HTC One M9|himaulatt_na_gen_unlock|7.0
HTC M9 One M9 HTC One M9|himawhl_sprint_wwe|6.0
HTC M9 Plus HTC One M9PLUS|hiau_ml_tuhl_htc_asia_wwe|5.0.2
HTC M9 Plus HTC One M9PLUS|hiau_ml_tuhl_htc_asia_wwe|6.0
HTC M9 Plus HTC One M9PLUS|hiau_ml_tuhl_htc_europe|6.0
HTC M9e One M9+ HTC_M9e|himaruhl_00709|5.0.2
HTC M9u One M9 HTC_M9u|himauhl_htc_asia_tw|7.0
HTC One A9s One A9s HTC One A9s|e36_ml_uhl_00600|6.0
HTC One A9s One A9s HTC One A9s|e36_ml_uhl_00619|6.0
HTC One A9s One A9s HTC One A9s|e36_ml_ul_00401|6.0
HTC One E9+
HTC One E9PLUS dual sim|a55ml_dtul_htc_asia_wwe|5.0.2
HTC One E9+
HTC One E9PLUS dual sim|a55ml_dtul_htc_europe|5.0.2
HTC One M8s HTC One M8s|m8qlul_htc_europe|6.0.1
HTC One ME HTC One ME dual sim|hima_ace_ml_dtul_00708|5.0.2
HTC One ME HTC One ME dual sim|hima_ace_ml_dtul_00720|5.0.2
HTC One X9 One X9 HTC One X9 dual sim|e56ml_dtul_00400|6.0
HTC One X9 One X9 HTC One X9 dual sim|e56ml_dtul_00401|6.0
HTC U Play HTC U Play|alpine_uhl_00401|6.0
HTC U Ultra HTC U Ultra|ocedugl_00401|8.0.0
HTC U Ultra U Ultra HTC U Ultra|ocedugl_00401|7.0
HTC U Ultra U Ultra HTC U Ultra|oceuhl_00600|7.0
HTC U-1u U Ultra HTC_U-1u|ocedugl_00709|8.0.0
HTC U-3u U11 HTC_U-3u|ocndugl_00709|8.0.0
HTC U11 HTC U11|ocndugl_00400|8.0.0
HTC U11 HTC U11|ocndugl_00401|7.1.1
HTC U11 HTC U11|ocndugl_00401|8.0.0
HTC U11 HTC U11|ocnuhl_00161|7.1.1
HTC U11 life HTC U11 life|oclul_00531|8.0.0
HTC U11 Plus U11+ HTC U11 plus|ocmdugl_00401|8.0.0
HTC X10u One X10 HTC One X10|e66_dugl_00401|6.0
HTM F5 F5|x5607_dg_a32|5.1
Huawei CRO-L22 Y3 (2017) CRO-L22|CRO-L22|6.0
Huawei CRO-L23 Y5 Lite CRO-L23|CRO-L23|6.0
Huawei CRO-L3 Y3 CRO-L03|CRO-L03|6.0
Huawei CRO-U00 Y3 (2017) CRO-U00|CRO-U00|6.0
Huawei CUN-L01 Y5II HUAWEI CUN-L01|CUN-L01|5.1
Huawei CUN-L03 Ascend Mate 2 HUAWEI CUN-L03|CUN-L03|5.1
Huawei CUN-L21 Y5II HUAWEI CUN-L21|CUN-L21|5.1
Huawei CUN-L22 Y5ll CUN-L22|CUN-L22|5.1
Huawei CUN-L22 Y5ll HUAWEI CUN-L22|CUN-L22|5.1
Huawei CUN-L23 Y5II HUAWEI CUN-L23|CUN-L23|5.1
Huawei CUN-U29 Y5II HUAWEI CUN-U29|CUN-U29|5.1
Huawei G610-U15 Ascend HUAWEI G610-U15|G610-U15|4.2.1
Huawei G610-U20 Ascend HUAWEI G610-U20|G610-U20|4.2.1
Huawei G700-U10 Ascend G700 HUAWEI G700-U10|G700-U10|4.2.1
Huawei G730-U00 Ascend G730 HUAWEI G730-U00|G730-U00|4.2.2
Huawei G730-U10 Ascend G730 HUAWEI G730-U10|G730-U10|4.2.2
Huawei G730-U27 Ascend G730 HUAWEI G730-U27|G730-U27|4.2.2
Huawei G750-U10 Honor 3X HUAWEI G750-U10|G750-U10|4.2.2
Huawei H30-U10 Honor 3C H30-U10|H30-U10|4.2.2
Huawei Hol-U19 Honor Holly Hol-U19|Hol-U19|4.4.2
Huawei JMM-L22 V9 Play JMM-L22|JMM-L22|7.0
Huawei LUA_U23 Y3ll HUAWEI LUA-U23|LUA-U23|5.1
Huawei LUA-L02 Y3II HUAWEI LUA-L02|LUA-L02|5.1
Huawei LUA-L03 Y3II HUAWEI LUA-L03|LUA-L03|5.1
Huawei LUA-L23 Y3II HUAWEI LUA-L23|LUA-L23|5.1
Huawei LUA-U21 Y3II HUAWEI LUA-L21|LUA-L21|5.1
Huawei LUA-U22 Y3II HUAWEI LUA-U22|LUA-U22|5.1
Huawei LYO-L01 Y6II Compact HUAWEI LYO-L01|LYO-L01|5.1
Huawei LYO-L02 Y6 Elite HUAWEI LYO-L02|LYO-L02|5.1
Huawei LYO-L21 Honor 5A HUAWEI LYO-L21|LYO-L21|5.1
Huawei LYO-L21 Honor 5A LYO-L21|LYO-L21|5.1
Huawei MYA-L03 Y5 (2017) MYA-L03|MYA-L03|6.0
Huawei MYA-L11 Nova Young 4G LTE MYA-L11|MYA-L11|6.0
Huawei MYA-L13 Y5 Pro MYA-L13|MYA-L13|6.0
Huawei MYA-L22 Y5 (2017) MYA-L22|MYA-L22|6.0
Huawei MYA-L23 Y5 (2017) MYA-L23|MYA-L23|6.0
Huawei MYA-L41 Y6 2017 MYA-L41|MYA-L41|6.0
Huawei MYA-U29 Y5 MYA-U29|MYA-U29|6.0
Huawei TAG-L01 GR3 HUAWEI TAG-L01|TAG-L01|5.1
Huawei TAG-L03 Enjoy 5S HUAWEI TAG-L03|TAG-L03|5.1
Huawei TAG-L13 GR3 HUAWEI TAG-L13|TAG-L13|5.1
Huawei TAG-L21 GR3 HUAWEI TAG-L21|TAG-L21|5.1
Huawei TAG-L23 GR3 HUAWEI TAG-L23|TAG-L23|5.1
Huawei TIT-AL00 Enjoy 5 HUAWEI TIT-AL00|TIT-AL00|5.1
Huawei TIT-AL00 Enjoy 5 TIT-AL00|TIT-AL00|5.1
Huawei TIT-L01 Honor 4C Pro HUAWEI TIT-L01|TIT-L01|5.1
Huawei TIT-L01 Honor 4C Pro TIT-L01|TIT-L01|5.1
Huawei TIT-U02 Y6 Pro HUAWEI TIT-U02|TIT-U02|5.1
Huawei Y221-U03 Ascend ORINOQUIA Auyantepui+Y221-U03|Y221-U03|4.4.2
Huawei Y330-U01 Ascend Y330 HUAWEI Y330-U01|Y330-U01|4.2.2
Huawei Y330-U05 Ascend Y330-U05 HUAWEI Y330-U05|Y330-U05|4.2.2
Huawei Y330-U05 Orinoco Bucare Y330 Bucare Y330-U05|Y330-U05|4.2.2
Huawei Y330-U11 Ascend Y330 HUAWEI Y330-U11|Y330-U11|4.2.2
Huawei Y360-U03 HUAWEI Y360-U03|Y360-U03|4.4.2
Huawei Y360-U23 Y360 HUAWEI Y360-U23|Y360-U23|4.4.2
Huawei Y360-U31 Y360 HUAWEI Y360-U31|Y360-U31|4.4.2
Huawei Y360-U61 Y360 HUAWEI Y360-U61|Y360-U61|4.4.2
Huawei Y360-U82 Y3 Lite HUAWEI Y360-U82|Y360-U82|4.4.2
Huawei Y511-U251 Ascend HUAWEI Y511-U251|Y511-U251|4.2.2
Huawei Y520-U03 Ascend Y520 HUAWEI Y520-U03|Y520-U03|4.4.2
Huawei Y520-U22 Ascend Y520 HUAWEI Y520-U22|Y520-U22|4.4.2
Huawei Y520-U33 Ascend Y520 HUAWEI Y520-U33|Y520-U33|4.4.2
Huawei Y600 Ascend Y600 HUAWEI Y600-U151|Y600-U151|4.2.2
Hummer H1 H1|H1|5.1
i-mobile IQ 9 i-mobile IQ 9|lcsh89_we_jb2|4.2.1
i-mobile IQ BIG i-mobile IQ BIG|i-mobile IQ BIG|5.0
i-mobile IQ BIG2 i-mobile_IQ_BIG2|i-mobile|5.0
iBall Andi 4P Class-X Andi 4P Class-X|Andi 4P Class-X|4.4.2
iBall Andi 5M Xotic Andi5M Xotic 2GB|SM619|4.4.2
iBall Andi Sprinter 4G Andi Sprinter 4G|Andi Sprinter 4G|5.1
iBall Snap 4G2 Snap 4G2|Snap 4G2|6.0
Icemobile Apollo Apollo|Apollo|6.0
Icemobile Apollo Apollo|KENEKSI|4.2.2
Ilium L1100 Lanix 1100 ILIUM L1100|ILIUM_L1100|4.4.4
iNew M2 M2|GIONEE M2|4.4.2
iNew M2 m2|m2|5.1
iNew V3 V3|WIGOR_V3|7.0
Infinix Hot 4 Pro Infinix HOT 4 Pro|H3716B1|6.0
Infinix Hot 4 Pro Infinix HOT 4 Pro|X556H371|6.0
Infinix Hot 4 Pro Infinix HOT 4 Pro|X556H371|7.0
Infinix Note 2 Infinix NOTE 2|full_h532_a1|5.1
Infinix Note 3 Infinix NOTE 3|X601-A1|7.0
Infinix S2 Pro Infinix S2 Pro|H539|7.0
Infinix X5010 Infinix X5010|AW878|7.0
Infinix X509 Zero 2 Infinix X509|Infinix_X509|5.1
Infinix X510 Hot 2 Infinix X510|Infinix_X510|5.1.1
Infinix X510 Hot 2 Infinix X510|Infinix_X510|6.0
Infinix X521 Hot S Infinix_X521|Infinix-X521-G1|6.0
Infinix X521 Hot S Infinix_X521|Infinix-X521-H1|6.0
Infinix X521 Hot S Infinix-X521|Infinix-X521-C1|6.0
Infinix X521 Hot S Infinix-X521|Infinix-X521|6.0
Infinix X537 Note 3 Pro Infinix NOTE 3 Pro|X601-LTE-A1|6.0
Infinix X537 Note 3 Pro Infinix NOTE 3 Pro|X601-LTE-A1|7.0
Infinix x551 Hot Note Infinix-X551|Infinix-X551|4.4.2
Infinix x551 Hot Note INFINIX-X551|INFINIX-X551|5.1
Infinix X552 Zero 3 Infinix Zero 3|Infinix-X552-A1|6.0
Infinix X552 Zero 3 Infinix Zero 3|Infinix-X552-B1|6.0
Infinix X552 Zero 3 Infinix-X552|Infinix-X552-A1|6.0
Infinix X552 Zero 3 Infinix-X552|Infinix-X552|5.1
Infinix X557 Infinix HOT 4 Infinix HOT 4|X557A1|6.0
Infinix X557 Infinix HOT 4 Infinix HOT 4|X557A1|7.0
Infinix X557 Lite HOT 4 Lite Infinix HOT 4 Lite|X557B1|6.0
Infinix X559 HOT5 Infinix X559|H8015|7.0
Infinix X559C HOT5 Lite Infinix X559C|H8015|7.0
Infinix X571 NOTE 4 Pro Infinix X571|H5311|7.0
Infinix X572 NOTE 4 Infinix X572|H5312|7.0
Infinix X600 LTE Note 2 Infinix-X600-LTE|full_h533_b1|5.1
Infinix X600 Note 2 X600 Infinix-X600|full_h532_a1|5.1
Infinix Zero 4 Infinix Zero 4|X555A1|7.0
Infinix Zero 4 Plus Infinix Zero 4 Plus|X602A1|6.0
InFocus IF9001 Turbo 5 IF9001|IF9001_IN|7.0
InFocus IF9021 Turbo 5 Plus IF9021|IF9021_IN|7.0
InFocus IF9031 IF9031|IF9031_IN|7.0
InFocus M2 InFocus M2_3G|M2_3G_00WW|4.4.2
InFocus M260 InFocus M260|M260_00WW|5.0.2
InFocus M350 InFocus M350|M350_00WW|5.1
InFocus M530 InFocus M530|M530_00WW|4.4.2
InFocus M680 InFocus M680|M680_00WW|6.0
InFocus TSP Epic 1 TSP|TSP_00IN|6.0
InnJoo Fire Plus 3G Fire_Plus_3G|Fire_Plus_3G|4.4.2
InnJoo Fire3 Pro LTE Fire3 Pro LTE|full_hct6737m_65_m0|6.0
InnJoo ONE 3G HD ONE 3G HD|ONE_3G_HD|4.4.2
Intex Aqua Ace Aqua Ace|Aqua_Ace|5.1
Intex Aqua Ace Mini Aqua Ace Mini|Aqua Ace Mini|5.1
Intex Aqua Craze Aqua Craze|Aqua Craze|5.1
Intex Aqua Power HD Aqua_Power_HD|Aqua_Power_HD|4.4.2
Intex Aqua Power HD-4G Aqua Power HD-4G|Aqua Power HD-4G|5.1
Intex Aqua Power+ Aqua Power+|Aqua Power+|5.0
Intex Aqua Turbo 4G Aqua Turbo 4G|Aqua_Turbo_4G|5.1
Intex Aqua Y2 Pro Aqua Y2 Pro|Y2_Pro|4.4.2
Intex Cloud 4G Star Cloud 4G Star|Cloud_4G_Star|5.0
Intex Cloud Crystal 2.5D Cloud Crystal 2.5D|Cloud Crystal 2.5D|5.1
Intex Cloud Jewel Cloud Jewel|Cloud Jewel|5.1
Irbis TZ56 IRBIS TZ56|IRBIS|4.4.2
Iris VOX4+ VOX4+|VOX4+|5.1
iRulu V1 V1|V1|6.0
itel it1460 Pro itel it1460 Pro|H8016|6.0
itel S11 itel S11|S11|6.0
itel S11 Plus itel S11Plus|S11Plus|6.0
itel S12 itel S12|I805|7.0
iView i708Q i708L|sofia3gr|5.1.1
iZoom 1201 1201|1201|4.4.2
Jeep Z6 Z6|Z6|6.0
Jiayu JY-F2 JY-F2|F2|4.4.2
Jiayu JY-G3 JY-G3|V6|4.2.1
Jiayu JY-G4 JY-G4|G4|6.0.1
Jiayu JY-G4 JY-G4|V8|4.2.1
Jiayu JY-G5S JY-G5S|S8|4.2.2
Jiayu JY-S3 JY-S3|S3|4.4.4
Jiayu JY-S3 S3 JY-S3|S3|5.1
Jiayu JY-S3 S3 JY-S3|S3H|5.1
Karbonn A18 A18|A18|4.4.2
Karbonn A5 A5|d930|4.5.2
Karbonn A7 A9|A9|5.1
Karbonn A7 A7 A7|A7|6.0
Karbonn Aura Note 4G Aura Note 4G|AuraNote4G|6.0
Karbonn K9 Kavach 4G K9 Kavach 4G|K9_Kavach|7.0
Karbonn K9 Smart K9 Smart|K9Smart|4.4.2
Karbonn K9 Smart 1GB K9 Smart 1GB|K9 Smart 1GB|5.1
Karbonn Machfive Titanium Machfive MACHFIVE|MACHFIVE|5.0
Karbonn Smart 4G K9 Smart 4G|K9Smart4G|6.0
Karbonn Titanium K9 Smart Titanium K9 Smart|TitaniumK9Smart|4.4.2
Keneksi Boost Boost|AG_Boost|4.4.2
Keneksi Rock KENEKSI_Rock|KENEKSI_Rock|4.4.2
Kodak Ektra Ektra|Ektra|6.0
Koobee i90 i90|i90|7.0
Lanix Ilium L1120 Ilium L1120|Ilium_L1120|7.0
Lanix Ilium L910 Ilium L910|Ilium_L910|6.0
Lanix Ilium LT510 Ilium LT510|Ilium_LT510|6.0
Lark Cirrus 4 Cirrus 4|Cirrus 4|4.4.2
Lark Cirrus 4.5 Lark Cirrus 4.5|Lark|4.4.2
Lava 360m Iris 360m iris360|iris360|4.4.2
Lava A52 A52|A52|5.1
Lava Fuel 60 Iris Fuel 60 iris fuel60|IF60|4.4.2
Lava Iris 353 iris353|iris353|4.4.2
Lava Iris 456 iris456|iris456|4.2.2
Lava Iris 504q plus 504Q+|504QP|4.4.2
Lava Iris 504q plus 504Q+|iris504QP|4.2.2
Lava Iris 505 iris 505|iris 505|5.1
Lava Iris 505 iris505|iris505|4.4.2
Lava iris 550 iris 550|iris 550|5.1
Lava iris 565 iris565|iris565|5.1
Lava iris 600 iris 600|iris 600|5.1
Lava Iris 700 iris700|iris700|4.4.2
Lava iris 705 iris 705|iris 705|5.1
Lava Iris 708 iris708|iris708|4.4.2
Lava Iris 750 iris 750|iris 750|5.1
Lava iris 755 iris 755|iris 755|5.1
Lava iris 758 4G iris 758 4G|iris 758 4G|5.1
Lava Iris 810 iris 810|iris 810|5.1
Lava iris 820 iris 820|iris 820|6.0
Lava Iris Fuel50 Iris Fuel50 iris Fuel50|Fuel50|4.4.2
Lava Iris X1 X1|X1|7.0
Lava Iris X5 X5|DOOGEE|5.1
Lava Iris X5 4G X5 4G|IX54G|5.1
Lava Iris X8 L Iris X8 L|full_zaw809p_lava|5.1
Lava iris X8q iris X8q|iris X8q|4.4.2
Lava iris X9 iris X9|iris X9|5.0
Lava iris50 iris50|iris820|6.0
Lava iris702 iris702|full_h827w_v1_e_jd_i7e_y69_1s|6.0
Lava iris702 iris702|iris702|6.0
Lava P7 P7|P7|5.1
Lava Pixel V2 Pixel V2|PV2|5.1
Lava Pixel V2 Pixel V2|PV2|6.0
Lava R1 LAVA_R1|LAVA_R1|6.0
Lava V2 3GB V23GB|V23GB|6.0
Lava X1 Selfie Iris X1 Selfie X1 Selfie|IX1S|5.1
Lava X38 X38|X38|6.0
Lava X81 X81|X81|6.0
Lava Z60 Z60|Z60|7.0
Lava Z70 Z70|Z70|7.0
Leagoo Shark 1 Shark 1|full_hct6753_35gu_l1|5.1
Leagoo T5 T5|T5|7.0
LeEco Le X509 Le 1s Le X509|Le1s_IN|6.0
LeEco LEX626 Le S3 LEX626|Le2_CN1|6.0
Lenovo A1010a20 A Plus Lenovo A1010a20|A1010a20|5.1
Lenovo A2010-a A2010 Lenovo A2010-a|A2010-a|5.1
Lenovo A2010l36 A2010 Lenovo A2010l36|A2010l36|5.1
Lenovo A2016a40 B Lenovo A2016a40|A2016a40|6.0
Lenovo A2016a40 B B Lenovo A2016a40|A2016a40|6.0
Lenovo A2016b30 Vibe B Lenovo A2016b30|A2016b30|6.0
Lenovo A3000-F IdeaTab A3000-F IdeaTab A3000-H|IdeaTabA3000-H|4.2.2
Lenovo A319 Lenovo A319|A319|4.4.2
Lenovo A328 Lenovo A328|Lenovo_A328|4.4.2
Lenovo A3300 LenovoA3300-HV|A3300-HV|4.4.2
Lenovo A3500-FL Lenovo A3500-FL|A3500-FL|4.4.2
Lenovo A3500-HV Tab A7-50 Lenovo A3500-HV|A3500-HV|4.4.2
Lenovo A3600-d Lenovo A3600-d|A3600-d|4.4.2
Lenovo A369i Lenovo A369i|A369i|4.2.2
Lenovo A5000 Lenovo A5000|A5000|4.4.2
Lenovo A5000 Lenovo A5000|A5000|5.0.2
Lenovo A516 Lenovo A516|a516_row|4.2.2
Lenovo A536 Lenovo A536|A536|4.4.2
Lenovo A5500-HV Lenovo A5500-HV|A5500-HV|4.4.2
Lenovo A606 Lenovo A606|A606|4.4.2
Lenovo A6600d40 A6600 Lenovo A6600d40|A6600d40|6.0
Lenovo A680 ROW Lenovo A680_ROW|Lenovo_A680_ROW|4.2.2
Lenovo A7-20F Tab 2 Tab2A7-20F|Tab2A7-20F|4.4.2
Lenovo A7-30HC TAB 2 Lenovo TAB 2 A7-30HC|Lenovo2A7-30HC|5.0.1
Lenovo A7-30HC TAB 2 Lenovo TAB 2 A7-30HC|LenovoTAB2A7-30HC|4.4.2
Lenovo A7000 Lenovo A7000-a|aio_ap|5.0
Lenovo A7000 Lenovo A7000-a|aio_ap|6.0
Lenovo A7000 Lenovo A7000-a|aio_row|5.0
Lenovo A7000 Lenovo A7000-a|aio_row|6.0
Lenovo A7010a48 Vibe K4 Note Lenovo A7010a48|k5fpr|5.1
Lenovo A7010a48 Vibe K4 Note Lenovo A7010a48|k5fpr|6.0
Lenovo A7020a48 Vibe K5 Note Lenovo A7020a48|k52_a48|5.1
Lenovo A7020a48 Vibe K5 Note Lenovo A7020a48|k52_a48|6.0
Lenovo A7600 Lenovo A7600|full_aiocu_wtfp|5.0.2
Lenovo A7600-H A10-70 A7600 Lenovo A7600-H|A7600-H|4.4.2
Lenovo A7700 Lenovo A7700|A7700|6.0
Lenovo A806 Golden Warrior Lenovo A806|alston_fddopen|4.4.2
Lenovo A850 A850|aupres_row|4.2.2
Lenovo A850 Lenovo A850|aupres_row|4.2.2
Lenovo A859 Lenovo A859|anco_row|4.2.2
Lenovo A889 Lenovo A889|A889|4.2.2
Lenovo K1 K1|K1|5.1
Lenovo K10a40 Vibe C2 Lenovo K10a40|K10a40|6.0
Lenovo K50-a40 K3 Note Lenovo K50a40|aio_otfp|5.0
Lenovo K50a40 K3 Note Lenovo K50a40|aio_otfp|6.0
Lenovo P1ma40 Vibe P1m Lenovo P1ma40|P1ma40|5.1
Lenovo P70-A Lenovo P70-A|P70-A|4.4.4
Lenovo P70-A Lenovo P70-A|P70-A|5.1
Lenovo p780 Lenovo P780|P780_ROW|4.4.2
Lenovo PB2-650M Phab 2 Lenovo PB2-650M|PB2-650M|6.0
Lenovo PB2-670Y Phab2 Plus Lenovo PB2-670N|PB2PLUS|6.0
Lenovo S1a40 Vibe S1 Lenovo S1a40|sisley2OFRL|6.0
Lenovo S650/S100 Lenovo S650|S650_ROW|4.4.2
Lenovo S660 Lenovo S660|S660|4.4.2
Lenovo S750 Lenovo S750|S750|4.2.1
Lenovo S820 Lenovo S820|S820_ROW|4.4.2
Lenovo S850 Lenovo S850|scofield_row|4.4.2
Lenovo S860 Lenovo S860|phaetondvt3_row|4.4.2
Lenovo S898t Lenovo S898t|S898t|4.2.2
Lenovo S930 Lenovo S930|stella|4.2.2
Lenovo TB3-710I Tab3 7 Lenovo TB3-710I|LenovoTB3-710I|5.1
Lenovo TB3-730X Tab3 7 Lenovo TB3-730M|TB3-730M|6.0
Lenovo TB3-850M Lenovo TB3-850M|LenovoTB3-850M|6.0
Lenovo X2-AP Vibe X2 Lenovo X2-AP|x2ap|4.4.2
Lenovo X2-AP Vibe X2 Lenovo X2-AP|x2ap|5.0
LeTV X507 Le 1S Le X507|Le1s_HK|5.0.2
LeTV X507 Le 1S Le X507|Le1s_IN|6.0
LeTV X600 Le 1 X600|Letv X600|5.0.2
LG D100 L20 LG-D100|luv20ss_global_com|4.4.2
LG D105 L20 LG-D105|luv20ds_global_com|4.4.2
LG D125 LG-D125|luv30ds_global_com|4.4.2
LG D227 L50 LG-D227|luv50ds_global_com|4.4.2
LG D331 L Bello LG-D331|luv80ss_global_com|4.4.2
LG D331 L Bello LG-D331|luv80ss_global_com|5.0.2
LG D331 L Bello LG-D335|luv80ds_global_com|5.0.2
LG D337 L Prime LG-D337|luv80ds_global_com|4.4.2
LG D337 L Prime LG-D337|luv80ds_global_com|5.0.2
LG D337 L Prime LG-D337|luv80ds_global_com|6.0.0
LG D680 G Pro Lite LG-D680|luv90ss_tcl_mx|4.4.2
LG D685 G Pro Lite Dual LG-D685|luv90ds_open_br|4.4.2
LG D685 G Pro Lite Dual LG-D685|luv90ds_open_cl|4.4.2
LG D685 G Pro Lite Dual LG-D685|luv90ds_tim_br|4.4.2
LG D690 G3 Stylus LG-D690|b2lds_global_com|4.4.2
LG D690 G3 Stylus LG-D690|b2lds_global_com|5.0.2
LG D690n G3 Stylus LG-D690n|b2ldsn_global_com|5.0.2
LG D690n LG G3 Stylus LG-D690n|b2ldsn_global_com|4.4.2
LG D693n G3 LG-D693n|b2lssn_global_com|5.0.2
LG E988 Optimus G Pro LG-E988|geefhd_open_ame|4.4.2
LG F670S K10 LG-K430|m253_global_com_nr|6.0
LG F670S K10 LG-K430|m253_global_com|6.0
LG F750K X Power LG-F750K|mk6p_kt_kr|6.0.1
LG F820L U LG-F820L|bbg_lgu_kr|6.0.1
LG H320 Leon LG-H320|my50_global_com|5.0.1
LG H324 Leon LG-H324|my50ds_global_com|5.0.1
LG H326 Leon LG-H326|my50ds_global_sca|5.0.1
LG H420 Spirit LG-H420|my70_global_com|5.0.1
LG H422 Spirit LG-H422|my70ds_global_com_nr|5.0.1
LG H422 Spirit LG-H422|my70ds_global_com|5.0.1
LG H422 Spirit LG-H422|my70ds_global_com|6.0
LG H500 Magna LG-H500|my90_global_com|5.0.1
LG H502 Magna LG-H502|my90ds_global_com|5.0.1
LG H502 Magna LG-H502|my90ds_global_com|6.0
LG H540 G4 Stylus LG-H540|mp1s3gds_global_com|6.0
LG H542 G4 Stylus LG-H542|mp1s3gss_global_com|6.0
LG K100 K3 LG-K100|mme0_global_com|6.0.1
LG K120 Spree LG-K120|me1_global_com_nr|5.1.1
LG K120 Spree LG-K120|me1_global_com|5.1.1
LG K130 K4 LG-K130|me1ds_global_com_nr|5.1.1
LG K130 K4 LG-K130|me1ds_global_com|5.1.1
LG K350 K8 LG-K350|mm1v_global_com_nr|6.0
LG K350 K8 LG-K350|mm1v_global_com|6.0
LG K350 K8 LG-K350|mm1vn_global_com|6.0
LG K580 LG-K580|k7_global_com_nr|6.0
LG K580 LG-K580|k7_global_com|6.0
LG LG-F690S X Cam 4G LTE LG-F690L|k7_lgu_kr|6.0
LG LG-K220 X Power LG-K220|mk6p_global_com_nr|6.0.1
LG LG-K220 X Power LG-K220|mk6p_global_com|6.0.1
LG LG-K220 X Power LG-K220|mk6pn_global_com|6.0.1
LG LG-K240 X max LG-K240|mk6m_global_com_nr|6.0.1
LG LG-K240 X max LG-K240|mk6m_global_com|6.0.1
LG LG-X180g Zone LG-X180g|d2_tcl_mx|5.1
LG LG-X210 Tribute 5 LG-X210|m13g_global_com|5.1
LG LGLS755 X Power LGLS755|mk6p55_spr_us|6.0.1
LG X145 L60 LG-X145|lo_1_open_ru|4.4.2
LG X150 Bello II LG-X150|V10_open_eu|5.0.2
LG X155 Max LG-X155|V10ds_open_cis|5.0
LG X190 Ray LG-X190|d2ds_open_cis|5.1
LG X220 K5 LG-X220|d3_global_com_nr|5.1
LG X220 K5 LG-X220|d3_global_com|5.1
LG X230 K7 2017 LG-X230|mlv1_global_com_nr|6.0
LG X230 K7 2017 LG-X230|mlv1_global_com|6.0
LG X240 K8 LG-X240|mlv3_global_com|6.0
LGG X3 X3|full_magc6580_we_c_m|6.0
LYF LS-5013 Wind 5 LS-5013|LS-5013|6.0
LYF LS-5017 Water 11 LS-5017|LS-5017|6.0
LYF LS-5020 LS-5020|LS-5020|5.1
LYF LS-5020 LS-5020|LS-5020|6.0
LYF LS-5020 Water 10 LS-5020|LS-5020|6.0
LYF LS-5507 Water 7 LS-5507|LS_5507|6.0
LYF LS-6001 Wind 2 LS-6001|LS-6001|5.1
M4 SS4045 M4 SS4045|M4 SS4045|4.4.2
M4Tel SS1060 Live M4 SS1060|M4 SS1060|4.2.2
M4Tel SS4040 M4 In Touch M4 SS4040|M4 SS4040|4.2.2
M4Tel SS4350 Soul M4 SS4350|M4 SS4350|4.4.2
M4Tel SS4458 M4 SS4458-R|M4 SS4458-R|7.0
Magicon M2 Elegante M2|GIONEE|4.4.2
Marshall London London|London|6.0
MegaFon Login Plus MFLoginPh|MFLoginPh|4.4.2
Meitu M4 M4|M4|5.0
Meizu M2 Note M2 Note m2 note|m2 note|5.1
Meizu m3 note m3 note m3 note|m3note|5.1
Meizu M3s M3s|M3s|5.1
Meizu M5 MEIZU_M5|meizu_M5|6.0
Meizu M5 Note M5 Note M5 Note|meizu_M5 Note|6.0
Meizu M5c M5c|meizu_M5c|6.0
Meizu M5S M5s|meizu_M5s|6.0
Meizu M6 MEIZU M6|meizu_M6|7.0
Meizu M6 Note M6 Note|meizu_M6Note|7.1.2
Meizu MX4 MX4|meizu_mx4|5.1
Meizu MX5 MX5|meizu_mx5|5.1
Meizu PRO 6 PRO 6|meizu_PRO6|6.0
Meizu U10 U10|meizu_U10|6.0
Micromax A069 Micromax A069|A069|4.4.2
Micromax A089 Bolt Micromax A089|Micromax A089|4.2.2
Micromax A096 Canvas Fire 3 Micromax A096|A096|5.0.2
Micromax A102 Canvas Doodle 3 Micromax A102|A102|4.4.2
Micromax A104 Canvas Fire Micromax A104|A104|4.4.2
Micromax A106 Unite 2 Micromax A106|A106|4.4.2
Micromax A106 Unite 2 Micromax A106|A106|5.0
Micromax A107 Canvas Fire 4 Micromax A107|A107|5.0
Micromax A109 Canvas XL2 Micromax A109|A109|4.4.2
Micromax A114 Canvas 2.2 A114|A114|4.2.2
Micromax A120 Canvas 2 Colors Micromax A120|A120|4.4.2
Micromax A177 Canvas Juice Micromax A177|A177|4.2.2
Micromax A190 Canvas HD plus Micromax A190|A190|4.4.2
Micromax A250 Canvas Turbo A250|A250|4.2.1
Micromax A290 Canvas Knight Cameo Micromax A290|A290|4.4.2
Micromax A310 Canvas Nitro Micromax A310|A310|4.4.2
Micromax A311 Canvas Nitro Micromax A311|A311|4.4.2
Micromax A316 Canvas Hue 2 Micromax A316|A316|4.4.2
Micromax A77 Canvas Juice Micromax A77|A77|4.2.2
Micromax AQ5000 Canvas Hue Micromax AQ5000|AQ5000|4.4.2
Micromax AQ5001 Canvas Juice 2 Micromax AQ5001|AQ5001|5.0
Micromax C1 Canvas 1 Micromax C1|C1|7.0
Micromax E311 Canvas Nitro 2 Micromax E311|E311|4.4.2
Micromax E313 Canvas Xpress 2 Micromax E313|E313|5.1
Micromax E352 Canvas Nitro 3 Micromax E352|E352|5.1
Micromax E353 Canvas Mega Micromax E353|E353|5.1
Micromax E481 Canvas 5 E481 Micromax E481|E481|5.1
Micromax E485 Canvas 6 Micromax E485|E485|5.1
Micromax Q338 Bolt Micromax Q338|Q338|5.1
Micromax Q340 Canvas Selfie 2 Micromax Q340|Q340|5.0
Micromax Q345 Canvas Selfie Lens Micromax Q345|Q345|5.0
Micromax Q349 Canvas Selfie 4 Micromax Q349|Q349|6.0
Micromax Q354 Micromax Q354|Q354|6.0
Micromax Q355 Canvas Play Micromax Q355|Q355|5.0
Micromax Q371 Canvas Pep Micromax Q371|Q371|4.4.2
Micromax Q372 Unite 3 Micromax Q372|Q372|5.0
Micromax Q380 Canvas Spark Micromax Q380|Q380|5.0
Micromax Q386 Canvas Fire 5 Micromax Q386|Q386|6.0
Micromax Q391 Canvas Doodle 4 Micromax Q391|Q391|5.0
Micromax Q392 Canvas Juice 3 Micromax Q392|Q392|5.1
Micromax Q409 Supreme 6 Micromax Q409|Q409|7.0
Micromax Q411 Canvas Fire 4G Micromax Q411|Q411|5.1
Micromax Q413 Canvas Express 4G Micromax Q413|Q413|5.1
Micromax Q417 Canvas Mega 4G Micromax Q417|Q417|5.1
Micromax Q4260 Micromax Q4260|Q4260|6.0
Micromax Q427 Canvas Unite 4 Micromax Q427|Q427|6.0
Micromax Q4310 Canvas 2 Q4310 Micromax Q4310|Q4310|7.0
Micromax Q4311 Canvas Selfie 2 Q4311 Micromax Q4311|Q4311|7.0
Micromax Q440 Bharat 4 Micromax Q440|Q440|7.0
Micromax Q461 Canvas Juice 4G Micromax Q461|Q461|5.1
Micromax Q463 Canvas 5 Lite Special Edition Micromax Q463|Q463|5.1
Micromax YU5011 Yu Yunique 2 YU5011|YU5011|7.0
MLS IQ1800 iQTalk S8 IQ1800|IQ1800|4.4.2
Mobistel Cynus F7 Cynus F7|Cynus F7|5.1
MobiWire Halona Halona|Halona|5.1
Motorola Moto C Moto C|namath_54|7.0
Motorola Moto C Moto C|namath_55|7.0
Motorola Moto C Moto C|namath_56|7.0
Motorola Moto C Moto C|namath_57|7.0
Motorola Moto C Moto C|namath_58|7.0
Motorola Moto C Moto C|watson_50|7.0
Motorola Moto C Plus Moto C Plus|panell_21_d|7.0
Motorola Moto C Plus Moto C Plus|panell_23_d|7.0
Motorola Moto C Plus Moto C Plus|panell_23_dl|7.0
Motorola Moto C Plus Moto C Plus|panell_23_s|7.0
Motorola Moto C Plus Moto C Plus|panell_24_d|7.0
Motorola Moto C Plus Moto C Plus|panell_25_s|7.0
Motorola Moto C Plus Moto C Plus|panell_26_dt|7.0
Motorola XT1663 Moto M XT1663|kungfu_row|6.0
Motorola XT1663 Moto M XT1663|kungfu_row|7.0
Motorola XT1706 Moto E3 Power XT1706|taido_row|6.0
MTC SMART Surf2 4G SMART Surf2 4G|MTC_SMART_Surf2_4G|6.0
Multilaser MS50 MS50M|MS50M|5.1
Multilaser MS50L MS50L|MS50L|7.0
Multilaser MS50M MS50M|MS50M|5.1
Multilaser MS55 MS55|MS55|5.1
Multilaser MS55 MS55M|MS55M|7.0
Multilaser MS60 MS60|MS60|5.1
myPhone INFINITY 3G|myPhone_INFINITY_3G_open|4.4.2
Neffos C5 Neffos C5|TP701A|5.1
Neffos C5 Neffos C5|TP701B|5.1
Neffos C5 Max Neffos C5 Max|TP702A|5.1
Neffos X1 Neffos X1|TP902A|7.0
Neffos X1 Lite Neffos X1 Lite|TP904A|7.0
Nokia TA-1032 3 TA-1032|TA-1032_00WW|7.0
Nomi i5030 Evo X i5030|Nomi_i5030|6.0
Oaks M910A M910|full_t822w_v1_k_hzx_f11_m910|6.0
Obi S503 S503|S503|5.1
OnePlus One ONE|ONE|5.1
OPPO A11w Joy 3 A11w|A11w|4.4.2
OPPO R821 Find Muse R821|OPPO72T_13033|4.2.2
OPPO R827 Find 5 R827|OPPO82_13071|4.2.2
OPPO R827 Find 5 R827|R827|4.4.2
OPPO R829 R1 R829|OPPO82_13075|4.2.2
OPPO R831K Neo 3 R831K|OPPO72_14079|4.2.2
Oukitel C3 3G C3|full_hct6580_weg_c_m|6.0
Oukitel C5 Pro C5 PRO|C5 PRO|6.0
Oukitel C8 C8|C8|7.0
Oukitel K10000 K10000|K10000|6.0
Oukitel K10000 Pro K10000 Pro|K10000_Pro|7.0
Oukitel K5000 K5000|K5000|7.0
Oukitel K6000 K6000|OUKITEL K6000|6.0
Oukitel K6000 Plus K6000 Plus|K6000_Plus|7.0
Oukitel K6000 Pro K6000 Pro|K6000_Pro|6.0
Oukitel K6000 Pro K6000 Pro|K6000_Pro|7.0
Oukitel U22 U22|U22|7.0
OWN S1 S1|FS1|5.1
Panasonic Eluga A2 Eluga_A2|Eluga_A2|5.1
Panasonic Eluga I Panasonic ELUGA I|ELUGA_I|4.4.2
Panasonic Eluga I2 ELUGA_I2|ELUGA_I2|5.1
Panasonic Eluga I3 Panasonic_Eluga_I3|Eluga_I3|5.1
Panasonic Eluga I9 Eluga I9|ELUGA_I9|7.0
Panasonic ELUGA Icon Panasonic ELUGA Icon|ELUGA_Icon|4.4.4
Panasonic ELUGA Prim ELUGA Prim|ELUGA_Prim|6.0
Panasonic ELUGA Ray ELUGA Ray|ELUGA_Ray|6.0
Panasonic Eluga Ray 700 Eluga_Ray_700|Eluga_Ray_700|7.0
Panasonic ELUGA Ray X ELUGA Ray X|ELUGA_Ray_X|6.0
Panasonic Eluga S Panasonic ELUGA S|ELUGA_S|4.4.2
Panasonic ELUGA Tapp Panasonic ELUGA Tapp|Eluga_TAPP|6.0
Panasonic Eluga Turbo ELUGA Turbo|ELUGA_Turbo|5.1
Panasonic P55 Max P55 Max|P55_Max|7.0
Panasonic P55 Novo Panasonic P55 Novo|P55_Novo|4.4.2
Panasonic P65 P65|P65|5.1
Panasonic P71 P71|P71|6.0
Panasonic P9 P9|P9|7.0
Panasonic T44 Panasonic T44|T44|6.0
Panasonic T45 T45 4G Panasonic T45 4G|T45_4G|5.1
Philips I908 Philips I908|I908|4.4.2
Philips S308 Philips S308|Philips S308|4.2.2
Philips V377 Philips V377|Philips_V377_RU|5.1
Philips V387 Philips V387|V387|4.4.2
Philips V526 Xenium V526 Philips_V526|full_aeon6735_65c_s_l1|5.1
Philips V526 Xenium V526 Philips_V526|Philips V526|5.1
Philips W6500 Xenium W6500|W6500|4.2.2
Philips W8510 Philips W8510|Philips-Topaz|4.2.2
PiPO M3 M3|GIONEE|4.4.2
PiPO M6 M6|M6|5.0
PiPO M6 M6|M6|6.0
PiPO W4 W4|full_mz3781_arm|7.0
Plum Z404 Axe Plus 2 Z404|PLUM|6.0
Polaroid P5025A Turbo C5 P5025A|P5025A|5.1
Polaroid PSPC550 PSPC550|PSPC550|5.1
Posh Mobile E600A Titan Max HD E600A|E600A|4.4.2
Positivo S420 S420|S420|5.1
Positivo S455 S455|S455|5.0.2
Positivo S480 S480|S480|5.0.2
Positivo S520 Twist 4G Positivo Twist 4G|S520_4G|6.0
Positivo Twist S Positivo Twist S|S520|6.0
Postivo S520 M Twist M Positivo Twist M|S520|6.0
Prestigio PAP3400DUO Multiphone 3400 Duo PAP3400DUO|PAP3400DUO|4.2.2
Prestigio PAP3501DUO PAP3501DUO|PAP3501DUO|4.2.2
Prestigio PAP5450DUO MultiPhone 5450 Duo PAP5450DUO|PAP5450DUO|4.2.2
Prestigio PAP7500 MultiPhone 7500 PAP7500|PAP7500|4.2.2
Prestigio PMP7110D3G MultiPad 4 Diamond 10.1 PMP7110D3G|PMP7110D3G|4.2.2
Prestigio PSP3530DUO Muze D3 PSP3530DUO|PSP3530DUO|5.0.2
Primux Omega6 4G Omega6_4G|Omega6_4G|5.1
QMobile A290 QMobile A290|QMobile A290|4.4.2
QMobile i6i Noir i6i QMobile i6i|QMobile i6i|5.1
QMobile i9 QMobile i9|QMobile i9|4.2.2
QMobile J5 J5|J5|6.0
QMobile LT-150 LT-150|QMobile|4.4.2
QMobile LT700 PRO LT700 PRO|LT700_PRO|6.0
QMobile Noir X11 QMobile X11|X11|4.4.2
QMobile S1 QMobile S1|QMobile S1|5.0
QMobile S2 QMobile S2|QMobile S2|5.1
QMobile S3 QMobile S3|QMobile_S3|5.1
QMobile X700 PRO II QMobile X700 PRO II|X700_PRO_II|6.0
QMobile Z10 Noir QMobile Z10|QMobile Z10|5.1
Quantum Go Quantum Go|Q2|6.0
Quantum MUV PRO Quantum MUV PRO|Q5|6.0
S-TELL M621 M621|M621|6.0
Samsung GT-I8200L Galaxy S III Mini Value Edition GT-I8200L|goldenve3gub|4.2.2
Samsung GT-I8200N S III mini GT-I8200|goldenvess3gxx|4.2.2
Samsung GT-I8200N S III mini GT-I8200N|goldenve3gxx|4.2.2
Samsung GT-I8200Q S III mini GT-I8200Q|goldenvess3gjv|4.2.2
Samsung GT-I9001 Galaxy S Plus S_plus|S_plus|6.0
Samsung SGH-S100 S100|full_h910w_v1_a_wlsd_s12c_s100|6.0
Samsung SM-A9000 Galaxy A9 SM-A9000|SM-A9000|5.1
Samsung SM-G3812B Galaxy Win Pro SM-G3812B|wilcoxdsvj|4.2.2
Samsung SM-G530H Galaxy Grand Prime SM-G530H|SM-G530H|4.4.2
Samsung SM-G7102 Galaxy Grand 2 SM-G7102T|ms013gdtvvj|4.3
Samsung SM-J100H Galaxy J1 SM-J100H|Galaxy J1|4.4.2
Samsung SM-J100H Galaxy J1 SM-J100H|j13gxx|4.4.4
Samsung SM-T111 Galaxy Tab 3 Lite SM-T111|goya3gxx|4.2.2
Samsung SM-T111M Galaxy Tab 3 Lite SM-T111M|goya3gub|4.2.2
Sky Devices 4.0D 4.0D SKY 4.0D|SKY 4.0D|4.4.2
Sky Devices 5.0LM SKY 5.0LM|SKY 5.0LM|6.0
Sky Devices 5.0Q Sky 5.0Q|Sky 5.0Q|4.4.2
Sky Devices 5.0W SKY 5.0W|SKY 5.0W|5.1
Sky Devices 5.5Q Sky 5.5Q|Sky 5.5Q|4.4.2
Sky Devices 6.0Q Sky 6.0Q|Sky 6.0Q|4.4.2
Sonim XP7700 XP7 XP7700|XP7700|5.1
Sony C1905 Xperia M C1905|C1905|4.3
Sony C2104 Xperia L C2104|C2104_1272-2189|4.2.2
Sony C2104 Xperia L C2104|C2104_1272-2375|4.2.2
Sony C2105 Xperia L C2105|C2105_1271-8633|4.2.2
Sony C2105 Xperia L C2105|C2105_1272-2161|4.2.2
Sony C2304 Xperia C C2304|C2304|4.2.2
Sony C2305 Xperia C C2305|C2305|4.2.2
Sony C2305 Xperia C C2305|C2305|5.1
Sony E2006 Xperia E4g E2006|E2006|4.4.4
Sony E2033 Xperia E4g Dual E2033|E2033|4.4.4
Sony E2043 Xperia E4g Dual E2043|E2043|4.4.4
Sony e2104 Xperia E4 E2104|E2104|4.4.4
Sony E2105 Xperia E4 E2105|E2105|4.4.4
Sony E2115 Xperia E4 E2115|E2115|4.4.4
Sony E2124 E2124|E2124|4.4.4
Sony E5303 Xperia C4 E5303|E5303|5.1
Sony E5303 Xperia C4 E5303|E5303|6.0
Sony E5306 Xperia C4 E5306|E5306|6.0
Sony E5333 Xperia C4 Dual E5333|E5333|6.0
Sony E5343 Xperia C4 Dual E5343|E5343|6.0
Sony E5353 Xperia C4 E5353|E5353|6.0
Sony E5363 Xperia C4 Dual E5363|E5363|6.0
Sony E5506 C5 Ultra E5506|E5506|6.0
Sony E5533 C5 Ultra E5533|E5533|5.1
Sony E5533 C5 Ultra E5533|E5533|6.0
Sony E5533 C5 Ultra Dual E5533|E5533|6.0
Sony E5563 C5 Ultra E5563|E5563|5.0
Sony E5563 C5 Ultra E5563|E5563|5.1
Sony E5563 C5 Ultra E5563|E5563|6.0
Sony E5563 C5 Ultra Dual E5563|E5563|5.1
Sony E5563 C5 Ultra Dual E5563|E5563|6.0
Sony E5603 Xperia M5 E5603|E5603|6.0
Sony E5606 Xperia M5 E5606|E5606|5.0
Sony E5606 Xperia M5 E5606|E5606|6.0
Sony E5633 Xperia M5 E5633|E5633|6.0
Sony E5653 Xperia M5 E5653|E5653|6.0
Sony E5663 Xperia M5 E5663|E5663|6.0
Sony F3111 Xperia XA F3111|F3111|6.0
Sony F3111 Xperia XA F3111|F3111|7.0
Sony F3112 Xperia XA F3112|F3112|7.0
Sony F3113 Xperia XA F3113|F3113|6.0
Sony F3113 Xperia XA F3113|F3113|7.0
Sony F3115 Xperia XA F3115|F3115|7.0
Sony F3116 Xperia XA F3116|F3116|6.0
Sony F3116 Xperia XA F3116|F3116|7.0
Sony F3211 Xperia XA Ultra F3211|F3211|6.0
Sony F3211 Xperia XA Ultra F3211|F3211|7.0
Sony F3211 Xperia XA Ultra F3216|F3216|7.0
Sony F3212 Xperia XA Ultra F3212|F3212|7.0
Sony F3213 Xperia XA Ultra F3213|F3213|7.0
Sony F3215 Xperia XA Ultra F3215|F3215|6.0
Sony F3215 Xperia XA Ultra F3215|F3215|7.0
Sony F3216 Xperia XA Ultra F3216|F3216|7.0
Sony F3311 Xperia E5 F3311|F3311|6.0
Sony F3313 Xperia E5 F3313|F3313|6.0
Sony G3116 Xperia XA1 G3116|G3116|7.0
Sony G3121 Xperia XA1 G3112|G3112|7.0
Sony G3121 Xperia XA1 G3121|G3121|7.0
Sony G3123 Xperia XA1 G3123|G3123|7.0
Sony G3212 Xperia XA1 G3212|G3212|7.0
Sony G3223 Xperia XA1 G3223|G3223|7.0
Sony G3226 Xperia XA1 G3226|G3226|7.0
Sony G3311 Xperia L1 G3311|G3311|7.0
Sony G3312 Xperia L1 G3312|G3312|7.0
Sony G3313 Xperia L1 G3313|G3313|7.0
Sony G3412 Xperia XA1 Plus G3412|G3412|7.0
Sony G3416 Xperia XA1 Plus G3416|G3416|7.0
Sony Xperia E4i E4i|E4i|4.4.2
Spice Xplor Proton5 Spice Xplor-Proton5|Spice|5.1
Swipe ELITE Elite|s5612_swipe|5.1
Swipe Konnect Plus Konnect Plus|Konnect Plus|5.1
Symphony E79 E79|E79|4.4.2
Symphony H175 H175|H175|5.1
Symphony H300 H300|H300|5.1
Symphony H400 H400|H400|6.0
Symphony i10 i10|i10|6.0
Symphony i10 Symphony i10|Symphony i10|6.0
Symphony i20 i20|i20|6.0
Symphony i50 i50|i50|6.0
Symphony i50 i50F|i50F|7.0
Symphony P7 Symphony P7|P7|6.0
Symphony P7 Pro Symphony P7 PRO|P7_PRO|6.0
Symphony R100 Symphony R100|R100|6.0
Symphony T7 Pro T7 Pro|T7Pro|4.4.2
Symphony V100 V100|QTab_V100|6.0
Symphony V120 V120|V120|7.0
Symphony V60 V60|V60|4.4.2
Symphony V75 V75|V75|6.0
Symphony W94 W94|W94|4.4.2
Symphony Xplorer W67 W67|unknown|4.4.2
Symphony ZVI ZVI|ZVI|4.4.2
TCL S950 Idol X TCL S950|TCL_S950|4.2.2
Tecno A7 TECNO-A7|TECNO-A7|4.4.2
Tecno Boom J8 TECNO-J8|TECNO-J8|5.1
Tecno C7 TECNO-C7|TECNO-C7|6.0
Tecno C9 TECNO-C9|TECNO-C9|6.0
Tecno CA6 Camon CM TECNO CA6|H3721|7.0
Tecno Camon CX TECNO Camon CX|H501|7.0
Tecno CX Air Camon CX Air TECNO CX Air|H3713|7.0
Tecno i3 TECNO i3|H375C1|7.0
Tecno i3 Pro TECNO i3 Pro|H375D1|7.0
Tecno i5 TECNO i5|H379B1|7.0
Tecno i5 Pro TECNO i5 Pro|H379A1|7.0
Tecno i7 TECNO i7|H503A1|7.0
Tecno IN5 Camon I TECNO IN5|H3721A1|7.0
Tecno itel-it1520 it1520 itel-it1520|itel-it1520|6.0
Tecno K7 TECNO K7|H8019|7.0
Tecno K9 SPARK Plus TECNO K9|H8018|7.0
Tecno L5 TECNO-L5|TECNO-L5|5.1
Tecno L8 TECNO-L8|TECNO-L8|5.1
Tecno L8 Lite TECNO L8 Lite|L8Lite|6.0
Tecno L8 Plus TECNO-L8Plus|TECNO-L8Plus|5.1
Tecno L9 TECNO L9|H8012|7.0
Tecno L9 Plus TECNO L9 Plus|H8011|7.0
Tecno LA6 Pouvoir 1 TECNO LA6|H8021|7.0
Tecno M3 M3|M3|6.0
Tecno Phantom6 Phantom6|A6|6.0
Tecno Phantom6 Plus Phantom6-Plus|Phantom6-Plus|6.0
Tecno W2 TECNO W2|TECNO_W2|6.0
Tecno W3 TECNO-W3|TECNO-W3|6.0
Tecno W4 TECNO W4|TECNO_W4|6.0
Tecno W5 Lite TECNO W5 Lite|W5Lite|6.0
Tecno WX3 TECNO WX3|H8014|7.0
Tecno WX3P TECNO WX3P|H8017|7.0
Tecno WX4 TECNO WX4|H8013|7.0
Tecno Y2 TECNO-Y2|TECNO-Y2|4.4.2
Tecno Y3 TECNO-Y3|TECNO-Y3|4.4.2
Tecno Y4 TECNO-Y4|TECNO-Y4|4.4.2
Tele2 Mini Tele2_Mini|Tele2_Mini|5.1
Tengda V3+ V3+|V3+|4.4.2
teXet X-Basic X-basic|teXet|4.2.2
TG & Company TG-L900S Luna S TG-L900S|TG-L900S_00WW|6.0.1
ThL 2015A thl 2015A|thl__2015A|5.1
ThL 5000 thl 5000|thl 5000|4.4.2
ThL T100S thl T100S|bird92_wet_jb9|4.2.2
ThL T5 T5 T5|T5|7.0
ThL T5 T5 T5|vkworld|5.1
ThL T9 Pro thl T9 Pro|thl T9 Pro|6.0
ThL V12 V12|V12|4.4.2
Touch + NEOS 4E NEOS 4E|NEOS 4E|4.4.2
true SMART 4G MAX 5.5 SMART 4G MAX 5.5|full_tx6737m_65_hl_m0|6.0
true SMART 4G Speedy 4.0 Plus
SMART 4G Speedy 4.0 Plus|SMART_4G_Speedy_4inch_Plus|5.1
true SMART 4G Speedy 5.0 Plus
SMART 4G Speedy 5.0 Plus|SMART_4G_Speedy_5inch_Plus|6.0
Ubro M1 M1|full_h920w_v1_h_xbo_k18h1_1s|7.0
Ubro M1 M1|M1|5.0
Ulefone Power Power|power|6.0
Ulefone Power 2 Power_2|full_hct6750_66_n|7.0
Umidigi S2 S2|S2|6.0.1
Vernee Apollo Lite Apollo Lite|Apollo Lite|6.0
Vernee Thor thor|thor|7.0
Vernee Thor E Thor E|Thor_E|7.0
Vertex Impress Luck Impress_Luck|Impress_Luck|7.0
verykool Fusion II SL4502
Vivo 1501 V5 vivo 1601|1601|6.0
Vivo 1601 V5 vivo 1601|1601|6.0
Vivo 1609 V5 Lite vivo 1609|1609|6.0
Vivo 1612 V5s vivo 1612|1601|6.0
Vivo 1713 V5s vivo 1713|1601|6.0
Vivo 1713 V5s vivo 1713|1601|7.0
Vivo 1714 Y69 vivo 1714|1714|7.0
Vivo 1716 V7 Plus vivo 1716|1716|8.1.0
Vivo 1718 V7 vivo 1718|1718|8.1.0
Vivo 1723 V9 vivo 1723|1723|8.1.0
Vivo 1724 Y71 vivo 1724|1724|8.1.0
Vivo 1726 Y85 vivo 1726|1726|8.1.0
Vivo 1727 V9 Youth vivo 1727|1727|8.1.0
Vivo 1727 V9 Youth vivo 1727|1727ID|8.1.0
Vivo 1801 Y71 vivo 1801|1801|8.1.0
Vivo 1802 Y83 vivo 1802|1802|8.1.0
Vivo 1804 V11 vivo 1804|1804|8.1.0
Vivo 1806 V11 Pro vivo 1806|1806|8.1.0
Vivo 1808 Y81 vivo 1803|1803|8.1.0
Vivo X5Max vivo X5Max|X5Max|4.4.4
Vivo X5Pro X5pro|X5pro|6.0
Vivo Y21 vivo Y21|Y21|5.1
Vivo Y27L vivo Y27L|Y27L|4.4.4
Vivo Y53 1606 vivo 1606|1606|6.0.1
Vivo Y53 1606 vivo 1606A|1606|6.0.1
Vodafone 985N Smart 4 Power Vodafone 985N|Vodafone_985N|4.4.2
Vodafone VF695 Smart first 6 VF695|VF695|4.4.2
Walton Primo EF2 Primo_EF2|Primo_EF2|4.4.2
Walton Primo F6 Primo F6|Primo F6|5.1
Walton Primo GH5 Plus Primo GH5 Plus|Primo_GH5_Plus|5.1
Walton Primo GH6 Primo GH6|Primo_GH6|6.0
Walton Primo NH Lite Primo_NH_Lite|Primo_NH_Lite|6.0
Walton Primo NH2 Primo NH2|Primo NH2|6.0
Walton Primo NH2 Lite Primo NH2 Lite|Primo NH2 Lite|6.0
Walton Primo NX Primo_NX|WALTON|4.2.2
Walton Primo R3 Primo R3|walton|4.4.2
Walton Primo RM Primo RM|Primo_RM|4.4.2
Walton Primo RM2 Primo RM2|Primo RM2|5.0
Walton Primo RX2 Primo_RX2|Primo_RX2|4.4.2
Walton Primo S4 Primo_S4|Primo_S4|4.4.2
Walton Primo_HM Primo_HM|WALTON|4.4.2
Wiko Fever Fever 4G FEVER|l5460|6.0
Wiko Goa GOA|wiko|4.4.2
Wiko JERRY JERRY|V2802AN|6.0
Wiko Jerry 2 JERRY2|v2610|7.0
Wiko Lenny 2 LENNY2|s5030|5.1
Wiko Lenny 2 LENNY2|S5030AP12H|5.1
Wiko LENNY3 Lenny 3 LENNY3|V3702AN|6.0
Wiko Pulp PULP|S5420|5.1
Wiko Rainbow Jam RAINBOW JAM|s5250|5.1
Wiko ROBBY ROBBY|V3750AN|6.0
Wiko Sunset2 SUNSET2|s4050ap|4.4.2
Wiko U FEEL U FEEL|P6601AE|6.0
Wiko U FEEL U FEEL|P6609BCD|6.0
Wiko U Pulse U PULSE|v3961|7.0
Wileyfox Spark + Wileyfox Spark +|Spark|7.0
Xgody A96 A96|A96|5.1
Xiaomi 2014811 Hongmi (Redmi) 2 4G 2014811|2014811|4.4.4
Xiaomi 2014818 Hongmi 2 4G / Redmi 2 Dual SIM 2014818|2014818|4.4.4
Xiaomi HM NOTE 1W Redmi Note HM NOTE 1W|PSP5505|4.4.2
Xiaomi Mi 5 MI 5|gemini|8.0.0
Xiaomi MI 5s MI 5s|capricorn|8.0.0
Xiaomi MI 6 MI 6|sagit|8.0.0
Xiaomi MI 8 MI 8|dipper_ru|9
Xiaomi MI 8 MI 8|dipper|8.1.0
Xiaomi MI 8 MI 8|dipper|9
Xiaomi MI 8 Lite MI 8 Lite|platina|8.1.0
Xiaomi Mi Max MI MAX|helium|7.0
Xiaomi Mi Max MI MAX|hydrogen|7.0
Xiaomi MI MAX 2 MI MAX 2|oxygen|7.1.1
Xiaomi MI MAX 3 MI MAX 3|nitrogen|8.1.0
Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 Mi Mix 2 Mi MIX 2|chiron|8.0.0
Xiaomi Mi Note 3 Mi Note 3|jason|7.1.1
Xiaomi Mi Note 3 Mi Note 3|jason|8.1.0
Xiaomi MIX 2 Mi Mix 2 Mi MIX 2|chiron|8.0.0
Xiaomi Note 1LTE Redmi Note 4G HM NOTE 1LTE|dior|4.4.4
Xiaomi POCO F1 POCO F1|beryllium|8.1.0
Xiaomi POCO F1 POCO F1|beryllium|9
Xiaomi POCOPHONE F1 POCOPHONE F1|beryllium_ru|8.1.0
Xiaomi POCOPHONE F1 POCOPHONE F1|beryllium|9
Xiaomi Redmi 2 2014817 2014817|2014817|4.4.4
Xiaomi Redmi 3S Redmi 3S|land|6.0.1
Xiaomi Redmi 3X Redmi 3X|land|6.0.1
Xiaomi Redmi 4 Redmi 4|markw|6.0.1
Xiaomi Redmi 4 Redmi 4|santoni|7.1.2
Xiaomi Redmi 4A Redmi 4A|rolex|7.1.2
Xiaomi Redmi 4X Redmi 4X|santoni|7.1.2
Xiaomi Redmi 5 Redmi 5|rosy|7.1.2
Xiaomi Redmi 5 Redmi 5|rosy|8.1.0
Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus Redmi 5 Plus|vince_ru|7.1.2
Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus Redmi 5 Plus|vince|7.1.2
Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus Redmi 5 Plus|vince|8.1.0
Xiaomi Redmi 5A Redmi 5A|riva|7.1.2
Xiaomi Redmi 5A Redmi 5A|riva|8.1.0
Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro Redmi 6 Pro|sakura_india|8.1.0
Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 Redmi Note 2 Redmi Note 2|hermes|5.0.2
Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Redmi Note 3|hennessy|5.0.2
Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Redmi Note 3|kate|6.0.1
Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Redmi Note 3|kenzo|6.0.1
Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Redmi Note 4|mido|7.0
Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Redmi Note 4|nikel|6.0
Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X Redmi Note 4X|mido|7.0
Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X Redmi Note 4X|nikel|6.0
Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Redmi Note 5|vince|7.1.2
Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Redmi Note 5|vince|8.1.0
Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Redmi Note 5|whyred_global|8.1.0
Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Redmi Note 5|whyred|8.1.0
Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro Redmi Note 5 pro|whyred|8.1.0
Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A Redmi Note 5A|ugg|7.1.2
Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A Redmi Note 5A|ugglite|7.1.2
Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A Prime Redmi Note 5A Prime|ugg|7.1.2
Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro Redmi Note 6 Pro|tulip|8.1.0
Xiaomi Redmi Pro Redmi Pro|omega|6.0
Xiaomi Redmi S2 Redmi S2|ysl|8.1.0
Xiaomi Redmi Y1 Redmi Y1|ugg|7.1.2
Xiaomi Redmi Y1 Lite Redmi Y1 Lite|ugglite|7.1.2
Xiaomi Redmi Y2 Redmi Y2|ysl|8.1.0
Xolo A500L A500L|A500L|4.2.2
Xolo Cube 5.0 2GB cube 5.0_2GB|cube_5_0_2GB|5.0.2
Xolo Era 4K era 4K|XE4K|5.1
Xolo One XOLO One|XOLO_One|4.4.2
Xolo One HD XOLO One HD|XOLO_One_HD|5.1
Xplay Z5 Z5|Z5|6.0
XTOUCH X2 X2|X2|5.1
XTOUCH X2 X2|X2|6.0
YU YU 6000 Yureka Note YU 6000|YU6000|5.1
YU YU5530 Yunicorn YU5530|YUNICORN|6.0
Zee Z10 Z10|Z10|6.0
ZOPO ZP980+ ZP980+|S7|4.4.2
ZOPO ZP990+ ZP990+|S7|4.2.2
ZTE BLADE 0820 Blade V8 Lite ZTE BLADE V0820|P650F10_EU_GEN|7.0
ZTE BLADE 0820 Blade V8 Lite ZTE BLADE V0820|P650F10_RU|7.0
ZTE BLADE A110 Optus ZIP ZTE BLADE A110|P635A60_NZ_SKY|5.1
ZTE Blade A315 ZTE Blade A315|ZTE_Blade_A315|6.0
ZTE Blade A510 Blade A510|P635A50_MX_TEL|6.0
ZTE Blade A510 ZTE BLADE A510|P635A50_BAIE_LIFE|6.0
ZTE Blade A510 ZTE BLADE A510|P635A50_MY_Digi|6.0
ZTE Blade A510 ZTE BLADE A510|P635A50_RU_CHANNEL|6.0
ZTE Blade A520 BLADE A520|TEL_MX_BLADE_A520|7.0
ZTE BLADE A602 BLADE A602|P637F02_GT_CLR|6.0
ZTE BLADE A610 ZTE BLADE A610|P635T36|6.0
ZTE Blade A910 ZTE BLADE A910|P635A31|6.0
ZTE Blade D6 Lite ZTE Blade D6 Lite 4G|P635A30|5.1
ZTE Blade L0510 Blade L5 Plus ZTE BLADE L0510|P680A20_ASIA_CHANNEL|5.1
ZTE Blade L2 ZTE Blade L2|P182A10|4.2.2
ZTE Blade L2 Plus Blade L2 Plus|ZTE_Blade_L2_PLUS|4.4.2
ZTE Blade L3 ZTE Blade L3|P182A20|4.4.2
ZTE Blade L3 Plus Blade L3 Plus|Blade_L3_Plus|4.4.2
ZTE Blade L3 Plus ZTE Blade L3 Plus|ZTE_Blade_L3_Plus|4.4.2
ZTE Blade L370 ZTE Blade L370|ZTE_Blade_L370|4.4.2
ZTE Blade L5 Blade L5|P172A40_MX_TEL|5.1
ZTE Blade L5 ZTE Blade L5|P172A40_BR_DIS|5.1
ZTE Blade L5 ZTE Blade L5|P172A40_PE_ENT|5.1
ZTE Blade L5 Plus ZTE Blade L5 Plus|P680A20_EU_GEL|5.1
ZTE Blade V0720 Blate V7 Lite ZTE BLADE V0720|DIG_MY_P635A32|6.0
ZTE Blade V0720 Blate V7 Lite ZTE BLADE V0720|P635A32|6.0
ZTE Blade V0730 Blade A2 Plus Dual SIM TD-LTE ZTE BLADE V0730|P650F31_IN_RJIO|6.0
ZTE Blade V0730 Blade A2 Plus Dual SIM TD-LTE ZTE BLADE V0730|P650F31_RUS|6.0
ZTE Blade V2 Lite Blade V2 Lite ZTE Blade V2 Lite|P632T31|4.4.4
ZTE Blade V580 Blade V Plus Blade V580|ZTE_Blade_V580|5.1
ZTE Blade V6 Blade V6|P635A20|5.0.2
ZTE Blade V6 Plus Blade V6 Plus|P635A32_CO_Claro|6.0
ZTE Blade V6 Plus Blade V6 Plus|P635A32_MX_TEL|6.0
ZTE Blade V6 Plus Blade V6 Plus|P635A32_PE_CLA|6.0
ZTE Blade V6 Plus ZTE Blade V6 Plus|P635A32_JM_DIG|6.0
ZTE Blade V7 ZTE BLADE V7|P653A10_ES_TME|6.0
ZTE Blade V7 ZTE BLADE V7|P653A10_EU|6.0
ZTE Fit 4G Smart ZTE Fit 4G Smart|P632A10|4.4.4
ZTE Grand X IN Grand X|Grand_X|6.0
ZTE NX541J nubia N1 NX541J|NX541J|6.0
ZTE T620 Blade D2 ZTE T620|P635F33|5.1
ZTE V769M V769M|V769M|4.2.2
ZTE V795 Warp ZTE V795|P172D01|4.2.2
ZTE V815W Blade Buzz ZTE V815W|P172R10|4.4.2
ZTE Z917VL Zmax Champ Z91|Z91|7.1.1

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