Instagram Founders Admits That They Copied Snapchat’s Stories

Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, co-founders of Instagram, have participated in a talk at the SXSW fair, where they talked about the origins of their popular social network.

Among other points, Systrom and Krieger have shared the reason that led them to add the Stories to Instagram in 2016.

“For a long time, the profiles of people were full of links to Snapchat,” says Systrom.

“It was clear that people were trying to unite both products. So we gave them what they wanted”.

When Snapchat launched their Stories in 2013, they became a success. Instagram users posted links to their Snapchat stories on the network, which led its creators to realize that Snapchat’s Stories were something that people wanted.

That’s why, in late 2016, Instagram decided to give users what they wanted by creating their own version of Snapchat’s stories. Or in other words, copying this functionality to prevent users from clicking on links that will take them to Snapchat.

Soon Instagram offered users everything they could do so far on Snapchat, which marked the success of the network against the decline of Snapchat. Now the Stories are one of the most popular features of the netwoek, as well as on Facebook.



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