How to Tether Your VPN Connections to PC and Other Devices

There are ways you can share the internet on your phone with another device, however in this tutorial, you are going to learn how to tether your VPN connections without root access.

Now, before going straight to the tutorial itself, you need to have these three things first;

  1. Download Ultrasurf for PC here
  2. Http injector for android here
  3. Your phone

How to Connect Hammer VPN on PC?

UltraSurf is a lightweight freeware program designed as an anti-censorship tool. It allows to circumvent firewalls using proxies and employs encryption protocols for privacy.

UltraSurf automatically finds proxy servers from a range of servers globally and builds a connection through an encrypted tunnel.

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1. Open Http injector>>Go to tools>> Tethering tools

2. then to Hotshare as seen below

3. Click on Start Wi-fi hotspot and it will prompt you to turn on your mobile hotspot

4. Click on Start Hotshare

Notenote the proxy and IP addresses

Open your Ultrasurf on PC >>Go to options>>Proxy settings>>Manual Proxy settings

Enter the IP address given by hotshare to your Ultrasurf as seen below.

Once you’ve done that, click on OK, and wait for it to connect to the server. That is it. If you are tethering from Phone to Phone, you can download Ultrasurf for mobile on Playstore then repeat the steps above.

No root required!

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