How to make your Infinix Hot 6 1GB RAM faster

Do you own an Infinix Hot 6 1GB RAM and would like it to run faster? Here are some quick tips for you to follow.

Infinix Hot 6 is a budget Android smartphone with two variants – one with 1 GB RAM, and the other with 2 GB RAM. While the 2 GB RAM variant runs regular Android Oreo, the 1 GB RAM version runs Android Go Edition.

Android Go Edition is a stripped down version of Android that is designed for smartphones with limited resources e.g. smartphones with low RAM, low storage and entry-level processors. In other words, Android Go Edition provides a better user experience on the 1 GB RAM variant of Infinix Hot 6.

However, if you are looking for a way to make your Hot 6 1GB RAM device to run faster, here are a few easy tips to follow.

How to make Infinix Hot 6 1GB RAM faster

  1. The first tip we have for you is a DO NOT. Do not kill/close apps. Android OS does not kill apps by default, but there are many 3rd party apps that enable you to kill apps. One of them is Phone Master. Another is Clean Master. You can install those apps and use their other features but not the kill/close app function.
  2. Uninstall any apps you are not using. They are just taking up valuable space on your device.
  3. If you are unable to uninstall an app, freeze it. Freezing an app is the same thing as hibernating it. You put it to sleep so it does not start in the background and use up resources. Again, you might find that your Infinix Hot 6 1GB has an app called App Freezer. Use it to freeze apps you do not use. If the Freezer app is not on your phone, download an app called Greenify from the Play Store.
  4. Clean up junk. Your phone accumulates a lot of unnecessary files over time and use. Infinix smartphones usually have the ability to clean up these junk files. Alternatively, you can use an app like Phone Master to do the cleaning up.
  5. Remove homescreen widgets. You may not know it, but using widgets on your homescreen uses up more resources than if you do not. On a low hardware phone like Infinix Hot 6 1GB RAM variant, you want to keep resource usage to the barest minimum. Do not use widgets on a basic Android smartphone.
  6. Turn off animations. Like widgets, animations and transitions consume some extra resources and slow your phone down. To reduce or disable animations on your Infinix Hot 6 1GB RAM, go to Settings > About phone. Scroll down to the System section to look for Build number. Tap on it 7 times and you should see a message that says you have been given access to the Developer Mode. Don’t get scared. This is easy and you are almost done. Navigate back to the main Settings menu. There at the bottom will be a menu that wasn’t there before. It is called Developer options. Get in, scroll down to find these 3 menus – Window animation scale,Transition animation scale, and Animator duration scale. Tap each one by one and set it to Animation off. That turns off any animations in the user interface and your phone will run faster.
  7. Do not use live wallpapers. Again, this follows the same principles. A live wallpaper will use up extra resources on your device, and especially on a basic one like the Infinix Hot 6 1GB RAM.
  8. Restart your phone at intervals. Restarting your Infinix Hot 6 1GB RAM smartphone is like taking a brief nap. It helps to free up memory. You can do this once a week. You can do it daily. It depends on how often you feel your phone begin to slow down.


Lastly, know that a budget phone is still a budget phone and you will never get a super fast experience on it. Infinix Hot 6 1GB RAM is a budget smartphone. You cannot compare mini cars to super cars. If you really want a fast car, you need to spend more money and go buy one.

Applying the above principles will make your Infinix Hot 6 1GB RAM faster, but not super fast, so manage your expectations and don’t try to drive your budget phone like it is a flagship.

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