How to activate dark mode in popular Windows 10 applications

If you use your desktop computer or laptop at night, or in a dimly lit environment, you will know that the dark mode is one of the best tools to avoid suffering discomfort after prolonged use. It is a widely used tool in our smartphones and, believe it or not, there are more Windows 10 applications with integrated dark mode than you think.

And just with few clicks, you will have access the dark mode in the programs that you mostly use on your PC, laptop or tablet with Windows 10. So, it’s good to have this tutorial at hand to darken the different apps on your computer, to avoid discomfort in the eyes after spending a night surfing on the Net.

Of course, we must bear in mind that some applications do not have a dark mode natively, so we have looked for ways to integrate this functionality through free plugins. And yes, we can activate dark mode in Windows 10 in a really simple way.

How to activate dark mode in native Windows 10 mail

We will start by explaining how to activate the dark mode in the native mail of the Redmond operating system. We speak of one of the most used tools, so it is quite useful to know. And the process is really simple:

  • Open the Mail application and, in the options column, click on Settings.
  • You will see that a new column appears on the right, find the Personalization option .
  • Scroll down and you will see an option that sets Dark Mode.

How to activate dark mode in Office

  • Open the program and click on File.
  • In the side menu select Options .
  • A window will appear, select the General tab and look for Customize copy of Microsoft Office section.
  • You will see an option with Office Theme, there you can activate the dark mode (or dark gray if you have not updated)

How to activate dark mode in Google Documents

Do you use the text editor from the big G and want to activate the dark mode in Google Documents? Let’s see how to do it. In this case we do not have the option of native form, but there is an extension that allows us to activate it. You just have to add Darkdocs to your browser, and you will have this functionality available.

How to activate dark mode in Chrome

The same goes for Google’s flagship browser, which does not feature this functionality either natively. However, there’s a free extension, though my preferred option, there are a few extensions to have dark mode in Chrome.

How to activate dark mode in Edge

  • Open the browser and click on the Settings button located on the right side of the address bar.
  • Select Settings .
  • Search Choose a Theme and activate the Dark option .

How to activate dark mode in Firefox

The Mozilla browser does not have a native mode, although there is no problem since we have hundreds of add-ons that do activate this function. Try Black by Madonna , although you have a quite extensive catalog available.

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