HMD’s Nokia not only brought the five-camera-toting Nokia 9 PureView to MWC, but the firm also unleashed the old fashioned looking Nokia 210, as well as the midrange, Nokia 3.2, and Nokia 4.2.

While the Nokia 9 PureView is well known for its penta (5) camera system, the Nokia 4.2 has a dedicated Google Assistant button with a notification light encircling the power button on the side which “gently alert you of your notifications“.

Though the device is yet to hit the market, the feature has been adjudged a clever one by reviewers, and while it is yet to go mainstream, HMD Global back in November 2018 applied to the for the protection of this design, and has now been granted design patents for two new Devices including the Nokia 210, the Nokia 4.2, and a “part of the 4.2”.

The Nokia 4.2 patent design and the power button patent being products of Mr. Choi, was submitted and approved on the same date. Having been granted patent approval for these designs, we might be seeing more of HMD backed Nokia phones featuring power key which also houses a notification light in the near future.

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