Best Apple iPhone 2019: Which iPhone will you buy?

Selecting the best iPhone can be an uneasy task, considering the number of models currently available in the market. Going through the specifications and features of smartphones is often a difficult task for the average buyer. Here at TellForce Blog, we help you process all that information and give you condensed non-technical recommendations to help you make sound buying decisions.

If you want to get an iPhone this year, we have done the sifting and broken it all down for you to show you which Apple iPhone is best for you today.

Best iPhone 2019: Best All-round Features and Most Powerful

If what you are looking for is the most powerful and most capable iPhone in the market and money or size is not a problem, the iPhone XS Max is it, no questions asked. It has the best all-round features and performance.

It has a massive 6.5-inch display, 12 MP dual camera, and a 3174 mAh battery coupled with 15W fast charging.

It is also the most expensive. If you are shopping for the most powerful Apple iPhone, money should not be an issue. The 512 GB variant, which is the top dog, sells for around ₦460,000 right now. If you are willing to make do with 64 and 256 GB storage variants, you will spend a little less.

Best iPhone 2019: Powerful yet Compact

iPhone XS (left) iPhone XS Max (right)

Not everyone wants their smartphones big. If you want everything that the iPhone XS Max has to offer but in a more compact package, the Apple iPhone XS was made for you.

Besides having a more manageable 5.8 inches display and a smaller 2658 mAh battery, the specs and features are the same with the Max.

How much will the 512 GB memory version cost you? About ₦430,000 only. Again, if you opt for a smaller memory size, it costs less.

Best iPhone 2019: Battery Life and Best Value for Money

The iPhone XR is acclaimed as having the best battery life of any iPhone ever. Plus, it is also acclaimed as offering the best value for money today. Launched alongside the XS and XS Max in late 2018, it shares most of the up-to-date features while costing much less.

The iPhone XR has dual-SIM card slots, a 6.1-inch display, 12 MP camera, and a 2942 mAh battery, along with 15W fast battery charging. In addition, it has the widest colour options of any Apple iPhone: Black, Red, Yellow, Blue, Coral, and White.

₦405,000 will get you the 256 GB storage option, which is the highest. 128 and 64 GB memory variants are available for less.

Best iPhone 2019: Most Compact and Most Affordable

If you want a really affordable, compact iPhone model, the Apple iPhone SE is what you should be looking at. It has a very old-school 4.0 inches display. It can’t be beat for portability. Slide it into your jeans or shirt pocket and you won’t even know that it is there.

Launched in 2016, it has a fingerprint scanner, 12 MP camera with dual LED flash, as well as a 1624 mAh battery to keep it going. There is no fast battery charging available.

You can grab the 64 GB model for around ₦100,000 these days. The 16 and 32 GB models will cost you even less.

As a honorary mention for affordability, if you can get your hands on the iPhone 5s and 6 models, you just might have an opportunity to pay less for a brand new Apple iPhone. The problem is that they are scarce in the market now. You might be able to find used units in the second-hand market though.

Which Is Your Best iPhone Model?

We have broken it down for you and shown you the best iPhone models depending on a variety of needs. Which is the one for you?

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