Are you tired of annoying comments on the Internet? This Chrome extension will bail you out

The Internet is now filled with people who seems to have no other purpose in life than to disturb other Internet users. These set of people are known as trolls. In this article, we will tell you how you can avoid their comments thanks to an extension of Google Chrome.

The extension we are talking about is called Tune. The objective of the extension is to detect comments that are unpleasant or a user does not like and disable them.

Tune is still in the development phase (it is experimental), since the Artificial Intelligence processes it uses are still being improved to make it more effective when comments are annoying. However, in the tests we carried out, its operation is good enough to be able to use it. Tune for Google Chrome uses the actions of users by blocking or marking ascomments spam to constantly “learn” what should be blocked or not. A good idea.

Download and install Tune for Google Chrome

To get the extension in question, it is still free for now. To download the extension;

  1. Go to Downloading Tune for Google Chrome.
  2. Click on the button called Add to Chrome and, then, automatically review the browser settings and install the development automatically.
  3. You will then find an icon on the right side of the Google Chrome address bar with a circular shape and red. 
  4. Click on it and you must register (for example with your Google account). 
  5. Now you must click again to open the options offered by the app, such as the contents to be blocked – there are options such as YouTube; Twitter; Facebook; and, even, Reddit-.
  6. Choose what fits your needs and click Done.


From now on, the annoying comments will be blocked. By the way, if you open the extension and click on the icon with a gear from the bottom, you can right to Filters (Filters), where the restriction is established in the blockade that Tune performs due to its toxicity. Apart from that, in the upper area there is a button that allows you to temporarily disable the extension.

The truth is that it is an excellent idea that does not work badly. What do you think about this and does it work for you? Share your experience with us via the comment box.

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