Apple sold 35 million Airpods in 2018

Today, Counterpoint Research report reveals that in 2018 Apple sold about 35 million AirPods wireless headsets. According to the agency, AirPods is now the most popular “Hearable” device. you may be unfamiliar with the word “Hearable”. Most media in the United States distinguish it from “Wearable”, which is the definition of “ear-wearing device” or “smart wireless headset”, but not limited to Audio features, in some cases, it includes health tracking or AI artificial intelligence assistants.

Rumour mills have it that the second-generation AirPods wireless headset may also incorporate health tracking features.

According to Counterpoint Research, in an online survey of more than 200 participants, 19% of respondents prefer Apple-branded ear-wear devices. According to the survey results, among the AirPods wireless headset buyers, “comfort and sticker” is the primary consideration, followed by ease of use.

In fact, the sound quality is the last factor that respondents consider. When it comes to sound quality, Counterpoint Research survey found that up to 72% of users who purchase Bose wireless headphones did so because of the sound quality.

So far, Apple officials have not announced the specific sales of AirPods wireless headsets, but it continues to focus on the ease of use of AirPods in marketing. Recently, the company said that AirPods has achieved a “simplification, one-step, one-stop connection” pair. 

Apple will hold a new product launch on March 26, and the second generation AirPods wireless headset may be released at the press conference. According to current industry rumors, AirPods 2 may have black and white color matching and it retains the $199 price tag. 

At the same time, AirPods 2 is also expected to support the “Siri” function and may increase the health monitoring function. The wireless headset will adopt the latest Bluetooth 5.0 low energy standard, and the sound quality will be further improved, providing support for Qi standard. The AirPods will fully charge in 15 minutes.


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