Viber Latest Update – Version 10 comes with new UI, Unified Chat list and more

Viber has released a latest update of its app on iOS and Android, tagged version 10. The update comes along with some big new changes, most obvious one is the User Interface (UI).

The latest version features an all-white UI that is the reigning trend among apps now, but with the familiar Viber purple accents strewn throughout.

Viber recent updated UI

There’s now a unified chat list that contains all of your chats from private, group chats and Communities. No longer do you have to go through different screens. It’s similar to other apps like WhatsApp and Telegram.

Also similar to those apps is the new Calls screen, which now lists all your calls. You can also see your Viber Out balance and subscription at the top of this screen.

Viber has also introduced a way for people to chat without revealing their numbers. Within Communities, you can now message other people without revealing each other’s phone number using the new Hidden-number Chats feature.

Viber has also promised that group calling is on its way. You will soon be able to make a group voice call with up to 5 people in it.

The update is now available on both Android and iOS app stores.

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