UltraViolet Movies Service is Shutting Down This Year

UltraViolet Movies, a digital movie locker service, has served notice to its users that it will be shutting down this year. The closing down of the movie streaming service seems to be as a result of stiff competition from Disney’s alternative, Movies Anywhere, among others.

In an email newsletter sent to its customers, UltraViolet advised its users of the impending shutdown. Subscribers will be able to stream TV shows and movies, buy new content, and redeem reward codes until July 31st 2019 when the service will be shut down.

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UltraViolet Movies service has over 30 million users and collectively houses over 300 million TV shows and movies. The closure will affect both Android and iOS users.

After UltraViolet Movies Closes

On the day of closure, the UltraViolet library will also close automatically, and this will prevent its users from making future changes to it. However, users will still have access to most of their movies and shows through retailers that were formerly linked to the account.

That means users can continue to buy more video content and redeem film codes but not through UltraViolet. These activities can only be done through a linked retailer, and the content can not be included in an UltraViolet library.

Up Against Movies Anywhere

UltraViolet was founded in the year 2011 and it got support from a lot of major Hollywood studios. It provides streaming of movies and TV shows to mobile users via an Android app and an iOS mobile app. Its greatest competitor is Movies Anywhere, first introduced by Disney in 2014 as Disney Movies Anywhere.

In recent times, Movies Anywhere has gotten support from the studios that were in partnership with Ultraviolet. Then in 2018, some of those studios decided to stop distributing through Ultraviolet Movies. In addition, Movies Anywhere also gained support from some major digital retailers that refused to work with Ultraviolet. They include: Amazon, Google Play, Apple’s iTunes Store, among others.

This has given Movies Anywhere a strong leverage and edge above UltraViolet.

It appears that the onslaught of Movies Anywhere may have contributed to the downfall of Ultraviolet. A notice of the shutdown has also been put up on the UltraViolet homepage.

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