The 55W SuperCharge will be exclusive to the Huawei Mate X

The first 5G phone from Huawei is the Mate X but the Chinese giant has also thought of those who want a “traditional” device that supports this new technology and made a special version of the Mate 20 called Mate 20 X.

Probably the company has chosen this model because of its large display, the speed of the 5G network, in fact, should push users to make the most of the multimedia potential of smartphones.

A specific date is yet to be slated for the launch of Huawei Mate 20 X 5G, whose is expected to exceed 2,000$. In a few weeks we should know more.

Remaining in the home of the Chinese manufacturer, among the strengths of the new top model Huawei Mate X there is also the 55W SuperCharge technology (capable of charging the device up to 85% in 30 minutes).

Well, according to what was revealed by the manufacturer, this charging technology will not arrive soon in other phones of the company and this means that it will not be implemented in the Huawei P30 series models.

It appears the main reason is linked to some design limitations, as Huawei Mate X has two batteries for a total of 4,500 mAh. The SuperCharge system charges them simultaneously and this increases efficiency.

However, those who purchase Huawei P30 will be able to count on the 40W SuperCharge system, so it probably will not have to complain.


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