Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ dummies real life images

The design of the Samsung Galaxy S10 has seriously suffered lack of secrecy from the media and that is expected to even get worse at this point, since the phone is reportedly currently in mass production. More leaks are bound to appear. The latest shows two dummies, which perhaps not powered on, but still offer a good look of the flagship to come. 

Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ dummies back view
Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ dummies back view

These are the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ (telling by the curved screens).

This image appears better than what we can see in the 3D renders. We found the rear camera – a triple shooter on both phones – interesting.

There’s a very slight camera hump, barely there. It looks barely thicker than the one on the Galaxy S9, despite the S10 being thinner (and having a larger battery to boot).

The Galaxy S10 will be available in Black, White and Green. And while the “green” option stands out as it’s a new addition to the core set of hues, the white one may prove to be the more interesting option of the three.

Samsung Galaxy S10 in White
Samsung Galaxy S10 in White

It has a mother of pearl look, the iridescence is an interesting twist on the gradient colors that have risen in popularity lately.

The Galaxy S10 trio, plus a 5G phone (S10 X) and a foldable phone will be Unpacked on February 20.

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