Samsung Galaxy M10 and M20 Duo Sold Out in Minutes

It was just last month that Samsung announced the Galaxy M10 and Galaxy M20 and has already promised that both devices will get updated to Android 9 Pie later in August. The new Galaxy M series is Sammy’s way of fighting back against its increasingly-competitive Chinese rivals by using its mid-range phones to debut new features before they come to its flagships.

So how do people like the new Galaxy M10 and M20, how well can it achieve its desired goals?

Well, it appears the Galaxy M10 and M20 are well loved the Indians. We say so because the virtual shop doors to both devices opened earlier today via Amazon India and Samsung’s India store with the whole initial first batch of both devices selling out within minutes.

Galaxy M20
Galaxy M20

Samsung took to its official Twitter handle to that both devices were out of stock within minutes of sales, while also announcing that the next sale will be on  February 7.

The Galaxy M10 sold at INR 7,990 / $111 for the 2GB RAM version, while the 3GB RAM version with 32GB of memory sold at INR 8,990 $124. The Galaxy M20, on the other hand, sold for INR 12,990/$183 for the 4GB variant, and at INR 10,990 / $153 for the 3GB RAM version.

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