Despite the hype surrounding it, we can only claim to know little about the foldable Samsung Galaxy F, even though Samsung has made at least two announcements about it –first the screen, then the whole thing at CES. But really it was the leaked official video that offered the most details.

The video has helped LetsGoDigital refine its original 3D render. Perhaps the most visible change is the hinge, it folds flat and isn’t segmented like the Surface Book hinge.

The whole thing looks surprisingly thin, actually. Part of that is a new polarizer filter, which is 45% thinner (Samsung talked about that at its developer conference). The bezels seem to have been slimmed down as well.

That’s a 7.3” screen inside (1,536 x 2,152px), which folds in half and a 4.58” screen on the “outside”. The phone will have two batteries and will be costly to produce and to buy.


Note that there’s some uncertainty about the position and number of cameras. It might have a triple camera on the rear, which will likely have to double as a selfie camera as well (there’s no room for it on the front).

The foldable Samsung Galaxy (the “Galaxy F”, perhaps) will be unveiled (again) on February 20 alongside the Galaxy S10 bunch.


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