Today, at the OPPO’s Innovation Event 2019 held in Barcelona, the company presented its first 5G smartphone to consumers around the world. Aside its 10x optical camera module, Oppo also used its Innovation launch in MWC19 to announce the first 5G phone.

According to the official introduction, OPPO’s first 5G smartphone is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 flagship platform. It solves many issues related to the antenna design, baseband, RF, power consumption, etc., and has complete 5G communication capabilities.

This implies that OPPO is not only brings high-speed, high-reliability, low-latency communication experience to users but also opens up new 5G+ application scenarios. At the conference, OPPO states that it will be the first to launch 5G smartphones in the first half of 2019.

As an important partner in the development of OPPO 5G smartphone, Qualcomm President Cristiano R. Amon delivered a speech at the conference.


Cristiano R. Amon said that OPPO has shown strong leadership in the 4G era and is well positioned to be a leader in the transition to 5G.

“We see tremendous opportunities to drive further innovation in the 5G era, and Qualcomm Technologies looks forward to working closely with OPPO to realize the true potential of 5G and support the launch of their first 5G smartphone powered by our flagship Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Mobile Platform with the X50 5G modem, integrated RF transceiver and RF Front-End solutions.”

It is reported that OPPO and the four major carrier partners of Swisscom, Telstra, Optus, and Singtel jointly launched the ‘OPPO 5G Landing Project’. OPPO said that its 5G smartphones will be listed in Europe, Oceania, Asia, and other markets, bringing a leading 5G experience to users around the world.

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In addition, OPPO is also actively exploring 5G+ innovative application scenarios, hoping to provide users with a more attractive new application experience. Tang Hai, Director of the Standard Research Center of the OPPO Research Institute, said: “OPPO has started to cooperate with industry-leading software developers to explore and develop 5G cloud games. We will take advantage of the high throughput and low latency of 5G technology to bring the 3A level gaming experience to the smartphone.”



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