What Can Nokia 9 PureView 5 Rear Camera Do & Can’t Do?

The announcement of Nokia 9 PureView camera is exciting news. Now that the phone is official, perhaps it is the most exciting camera phone of the year. It is true that we are only in February, but the sample images available from this highly anticipated camera phone have been stunning, and it looks like Nokia is back in the cameraphone stakes.

There is a lot of technical jargon flying around about the Nokia 9’s penta-camera. Penta = 5. A penta-camera is one that has 5 lenses (we just call them 5 cameras). The Nokia 9 PureView camera has exactly that – 5 lenses. It is the first smartphone to have it.

However what we are interested in now is what this super camera can and cannot do, and I break it down for you in simple English. Let’s go there!

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Key components of the Nokia 9 PureView Camera

Here are the components of the penta-camera on the Nokia 9:

  • There are five 12 MP lenses with ZEISS optics
  • Each lens has an f/1.82 aperture
  • Of the 5 cameras (lenses), 2 are RBG (colour), and 3 are monochrome (black-and-white)
  • There is a 6th 3D lens, called ToF, for measuring depth in scenes
  • There is a dual LED flash

Check HERE for the full specs for the Nokia 9 PureView.

What the Nokia 9 PureView camera can do

The Nokia 9’s 5 cameras working simultaneously on every shot to capture incredible details even in low-light situations, as well as produce amazing depth of field and great colour accuracy.

Because every picture taken is a combination of multiple shots from all the 5 cameras, the Nokia 9 PureView camera captures exceptional dynamic range. In summary, every picture taken with the Nokia 9 is a HDR photo that looks stunning and true-to-life.

The Nokia 9 camera also shoots true black-and-white photos, which is not what other smartphone cameras do.

In addition, the camera lets you adjust the focus – you can select any part of the photo that you want in focus – after you have taken the shot.

If you are a professional photographer or image editor, you can shoot your photos in RAW DNG instead of JPEG, so you can edit. Nokia has partnered Adobe to make the Lightroom app compatible with the Nokia 9’s images, so you can get creative with your photos.

What the Nokia 9 PureView camera cannot do

One would expect a  camera this superb to not lack any modern capabilities. Unfortunately that is not so.

For one, this camera does not have OIS – Optical Image Stabilisation. OIS helps smoothen out shakes. In simple terms, if your hands shake while taking pictures, you will get blurred shots.

Also, considering that PureView camera phones traditionally are known for their advanced lossless zoom, it is disappointing that the Nokia 9 PureView camera does not have it.

Nokia 9 Camera Samples

The absent feature notwithstanding, this camera phone wows with the quality of photos that it captures. Here are samples of photos taken with the Nokia 9.

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nokia 9 camera photo sample 4

nokia 9 camera photo sample 5

nokia 9 camera sample photo 2

nokia 9 camera photo sample 3

Nokia 9 camera sample 1

These photos are truly stunning and make me want the Nokia 9 to be the camera phone that I have on me during my adventures. Scratch that: it is the camera phone that I want on me at all times. What a camera! Nokia better be selling this here in Nigeria to avoid stories that touch.

And I can’t wait to see what DX0Mark will have to say about the Nokia 9 PureView camera and where it will sit on their ranking table.

You can see more samples of Konsta Punkka’s Instagram page. Don’t forget to check out the full Nokia 9 specifications too.

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