Nokia 9 First Camera Sample Shared On Instagram

We have just few hours left for the official launching of one of the most anticipated and talked about smartphones of the last few months – the Nokia 9 PureView.

And to maintain the good attention received from technology enthusiasts and professionals, the HMD Global CPO has shared an image captured by the new phone on Instagram.

He stated that he is super excited to join us on the stage this Sunday at MWC 2019 as they have something extraordinary to share with us.


Of course, any image posted to Instagram is automatically subjected to all kinds of compression, but there still some things we can take away from the photo. First of all, this is a beautiful shot in terms of composition and timing of the sun setting over the mountains. The dark clouds add an extra level of depth and balances out the darkness throughout the scene.

More importantly than the composition, it is very difficult to capture this shot with any old smartphone because of all the exposures at play. The sun is shining directly into the camera as it sets over the mountains but we can somehow still see details in the shadows of the mountain peaks and we don’t see the area where the sun is totally whited out either.

Although the post says that the photo is indeed edited on the same phone it was shot with, we wonder what kind of app was used to achieve this. The Nokia 9 must be able to pull large amounts of information from a scene and perhaps being able to capture in RAW would achieve this level of detail. This phone must be crazy good with high-dynamic range situations.

Recall that the Nokia 9 PureView should boast a 6-inch display with a fingerprint sensor integrated in the screen, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, 4 GB of RAM and of course a rear camera with 5 sensors.

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