More Trouble! Teleology Holding Management Sues 9Mobile

Teleology Holding has sued 9mobile Telecom. Recall 9mobile Board of Directors alleged that the former MTN Nigeria chief failed to make financial commitments during the process, thus leading to the loss of about 1 million subscribers.

Adrian Wood, one of the prominent investors in the 9mobile deal, has responded to allegation and has taken a legal step against the management and board of the telecom operator.

In an exclusive chat with Business Insider SSA By Pulse on Thursday, Wood said he has sued the board and management of 9mobile and the matter is pending in a Nigerian court.

“No comments from Teleology for now, upon legal advice.”

Three weeks ago, the board of directors of 9mobile described Adrian Wood as a minority stakeholder. The company also said the former MTN chief failed to meet certain obligations during the deal.

This is like adding a truck of trouble to the tons of woes the company already has in stock.

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