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YouTube Will Soon Increase the Limit For Quality Of Offline Video

One of the cool things about the YouTube is that you can download videos for offline viewing. This is good for various reasons like enjoying your favourite content even if you don’t have data plan subscription or you are away from Wi-Fi for streaming.

You can download a video in various quality sizes, ranging from 144p to 720p being the highest. 720p is good enough for most people but in some cases where you are used to streaming in 1080p and you have a 1080p screen, that 720p video is not sharp enough.

Left: v14.05 offline settings. Center: v14.06. Right: v14.06 manual download.

However, this might change very soon. According to Android Police, YouTube looks like it will be adding higher quality to the options for the offline YouTube video download.

<string name=offline_video_quality_1080p>Full HD (1080p)</string>
<string name=offline_video_quality_144p>Low (144p)</string>
<string name=offline_video_quality_360p>Medium (360p)</string>
<string name=offline_video_quality_720p>High (720p)</string>

Thanks to them tearing down the YouTube Android app (v 14.06), they have found a new string that shows that they are going to add a new option to download videos in 1080p resolution.

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You can probably expect YouTube to put a limit on such an option. If your phone doesn’t have a full HD screen or better, you might not get the option. This makes sense since watching videos of a higher resolution than the screen is pointless if you don’t have enough pixels. It could also be limited to those phones that can easily play 1080p videos and in this age, most phones can.

In my opinion, this is pretty nice, especially for those people with phones that have phones with screen resolutions greater than 1080p and use that feature extensively.



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