How To Download A Single WhatsApp Sticker From Pack

WhatsApp for Android now allows users to download a single sticker from a pack, this amazing feature was released on the latest new beta version of its Android app.

Before now, for you to use stickers on WhatsApp, you will need to download the complete full stickers pack, you can’t take one single pack from a large pack.

However, that has now been resolve, thanks to the latest update. Henceforth, users can now download one sticker individually and leave out the rest.

Few months ago, the smartest messaging app, Whatsapp announced its stickers feature and it has increased it popularity over the past few months.

Why you need a single Whatsapp sticker?

Well, there are bunch of reasons why you actually need to download a single Whatsapp sticker on your Android Smartphone.

Rather than getting all the stickers on the app, you can simply download just a single stickers from the whole bunch of WhatsApp stickers pack.

  • This is for users who want an uncluttered stickers menu
  • This is to saves a good deal of your data for all the limited pack users

However, this updates will be available in the next Google Play stable release with the build number 2.19.33+. The WhatsApp for Android 2.19.33 beta update also indicates that the WhatsApp Pay feature may be coming to the United States soon.

How To Download Single WhatsApp Sticker

To download a single WhatsApp sticker from the app store, simply follow the below guide.

  1. Update your WhatsApp for Android to beta version 2.19.33
  2. Launch the in-app WhatsApp Stickers Store
  3. Long press on the sticker pack
  4. WhatsApp will then prompt to ask if you want to save that sticker as Favorite
  5. It will show you the download size of the single sticker
  6. Then you will see a download option at the bottom for saving the sticker in the app.

That is all, you have successfully download your favorite stickers from the large WhatsApp’s stickers pack. Note this is entirely different WhatsApp status.

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