Autorenewal Option for MTN GoodyBag Social Bundles

The MTN GoodyBag social bundle is an event based data bundle that allows MTN subscribers to enjoy access to their favourite social media Apps such as Facebook, WeChat and WhatsApp at affordable rates.

MTN has announced that to those who subscribe to any of the GoodyBag bundles will receive a pop-up notification to confirm if they want the subscription as one-time or autorenewal should take place.

How It Works

That a Pop-up menu which is a new feature will be received anytime you activate any of the GoodyBag bundles. This will enable you to set your GoodyBag social bundle on One-off or Recurrent purchase:

  • One-Off Purchase means that the GoodyBag social bundle will NOT auto-renew after expiry.
  • Recurrent Purchase means the GoodyBag social bundle will auto-renew after expiry.

If the subscriber cancels the Pop-Up Menu or it times out before selecting an option, the GoodyBag Social bundle will be on One-off purchase. This means that your GoodyBag Social bundle will not auto-renew upon expiry.


Question: If my GoodyBag Social bundle is on One-off option, will I be able to opt in for Recurrent option or renew the bundle?

Answer: Yes, you will be able to opt in for Recurrent option or renew the bundle by sending R+bundle keyword to 131.

Example: If you have an active Instagram daily bundle that is on One-off option, you will be able to renew it by sending RINSD to 131.

Summary Of GoodyBag Bundle

See all Recurrent commands in the table below.



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