Android Q’s New Gestures May Replace Back Button

After bringing the gestures with Android 9 Pie, which led to the elimination of the navigation bar, it seems Google is ready to drop the “Back” button in Android Q. Before now, it was first as a physical button and more recently as a virtual button on the screen.

However, according to some early Android Q code obtained by XDA Developers, the back button might not be around for the next iteration of Android.

Android Q Gesture to replace the back button
Android Q Gesture to replace the back button

According to XDA’s research, the home button will act as the back button and the recent apps button all in one. Users will be able to slide the button to the left when they want to input a back action. The button slides slightly to the left and then snaps back, giving the user a kind of tactile feedback that the input was registered correctly.

Check it out here:

With a swipe to the left on the pill, the “Back” function is performed,a choice that appears natural and simple to perform

Google has also improved the fluidity in the display of the recently opened applications, which is accessed with a swipe to the right on the pill.

Now the operation appears smoother, it is however likely that this novelty will be introduced in the Developer Preview that will be released during the Google I / O 2019, leaving the current control system in the first release that could be available in a few weeks.

The below video gives more illustrations and shows the difference between the navigation system of Android 9 Pie and what we could see in Android Q.

What do you think? Do you use gestures in Android Pie? Do you think you could get used to the back button being gone? Let us know in the comments.


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