Aetna and Apple Watch Health Tracking Can Help Improve your Health

Aetna will be launching Attain app, a smartwatch application that uses Apple Watch Health Tracking information to help you improve your health.

From the onset, Apple has always wanted the functions of its smartwatches to be a lot better than a smartphone-like device. Actually, the technology to create the first few life-saving Apple Watches was not available yet. But with the latest unveiling of an FDA-cleared ECG monitor, the wristwatch is moving faster ahead to achieving its aim.

Apple and Atena have joined hands in creating the latest ‘Attain’ program. This smartwatch app is actually a first of its kind because it combines your health history coupled with the amazing features of the Apple Watch to assist you in getting an improved health and well-being.

Aetna members will be provided personalized targets, recommend healthy actions, and the ability to monitor daily activity levels. The most interesting part is its mouth-watering rewards to its users for performing the actions to improve their healthy lives.

When Apple users join the Attain program, they will be given the option of sharing their Action program results and health records with Apple anonymously. This will give Aetna and Apple the chance to join hands and continue improving the user’s experience in the Attain program and also create new features in the next versions of Attain.

Built On Apple Watch Health Tracking Data

This program relies on Apple Watch health tracking data, as well as some personal information of its users which includes their weight, age, and sex. It will then schedule daily and weekly activity targets to achieve your health goals.

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Using that as its basis, you will be given some weekly activities which includes yoga and swimming. You will be told the amount of weight you should lose, how many steps you should take, including what you should eat to have a better skin, and when how much sleep you need.

Apple Watch Health Tracking

Obviously, to join the program, you’ll be required to be a member of Aetna and also possess an Apple Watch Series 1 or later versions, or you have an iPhone 5S or later versions.

It was confirmed by Apple and Aetna that the collected user data will not be sold to a third-party, shared among their employees, or even used to determine premium models of the program. On top of it all, the data is encrypted in accordance with HIPPA restrictions, and Two-factor authentication is required for its users.

The expected availability date of the Attain App is in Spring 2019, but we encourage interested members to sign up at the portal page so that they will be informed when the app is officially available in the App Store.


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