Xiaomi Redmi 7 with 48 MP Camera Coming on January 10

The Xiaomi is about to join the 48MP camera gangsters with the arrival of Redmi 7 on January 10.

Xiaomi Redmi 7

The teaser was shown on both on the official website of Xiaomi and on their Redmi account on Weibo. It also says “new independent brand”, meaning Redmi is taking the path of Huawei’s Honor and Realme by becoming a brand of its own, while still sharing most of the R&D facilities and manufacturing plants as the mother company..

You can see that the “Redmi” sign says 4800, which is clearly a hint about the 48 MP teaser from last month. The event is taking place in Beijing and will start at 14:00 local time. I expect to see at least one device called Xiaomi Redmi 7, but there might be more iterations, like Redmi 7 Pro, Redmi Note 7 Pro, Redmi 7A and other typical moniker combos.

Can you see the 4800?

If the phone is indeed coming with a 48 MP sensor, there might be a possibility to see Xiaomi Redmi Pro 2, a new iteration of the dual-cam Redmi Pro that arrived in the summer of 2016. It was one of the first devices to introduce real-time bokeh mode, along with “quite good” primary snapper.


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