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WhatsApp Introduce Picture-in-picture (PiP) Mode To Web for PC – Now Support Facebook, Instagram, YouTube Links

WhatsApp PiP has been introduce to WhatsApp Web, which allows you to watch videos right inside your WhatsApp for PC. It is simple, and more understandable.

Well, it is now official, as WhatsApp Web Picture-in-Picture Mode Gets Support for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube Links. The PiP mode only supported shared videos on the platform.

After introducing WhatsApp PiP for iOS since the first month of 2018, and for Android few days ago, the feature is now available for WhatsApp Web.

Unlike the PiP mode for Android and iOS, that works for all videos shared on the social networking app. The WhatsApp web PiP mode will work only on shared videos for now.

The platforms supported includes the following: Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram videos coming soon. It is all easy to setup and enjoy.

How to enjoy Whatsapp web PiP mode

To start enjoying the PiP mode for Whatsapp web users, you can easily install the latest version 0.3.1846. Like always, it install automatically.

Every time a user starts WhatsApp Web, the site recognises if there is an update available and installs it automatically

If you are not on this version, you can follow the below procedures to confirm and update your device responsibly.

  • Go to WhatsApp Web
  • Settings
  • Help
  • If it is the latest, you are go
  • If it is not the latest version, then
  • Try clearing the cache and restart the service

That’s all. Just install the latest updates and you are done. Finally, you can now enjoy the Picture-in-picture mode for WhatsApp web.



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