Samsung Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Fit May Be Unveiled Alongside Galaxy S10 Series

Samsung is expected to launch the Galaxy Fit and Galaxy Buds alongside the Galaxy S10 series.

The Galaxy Unpacked 2019 by Samsung will be held in San Francisco on February 20, and the recently leaked Samsung Galaxy S10 and Samsung Galaxy S10+ will be official launched. Truly, there have also been rumours on the arrival of the Galaxy F in that same Unpacked event, that’s just a rumour though.

This is actually great news for people who are searching for a new “fit” gadget. These two new gadgets have just been given their Bluetooth certification, and that’s a step forward towards their official launch. We believe we are going to see them in person very soon.

The names of the gadgets (Galaxy Fit and Galaxy Watch) were trademarked last year by Samsung. The Samsung Smartwatch was launched with the Note 9, but the fitness tracker was not included in it.

How Does The Galaxy Buds Look Like?

The new Buds are the Successor to the Gear IconX earbuds which were launched in 2018.

If we check Bluetooth SIG website, we will see the Galaxy Buds listed there with the model number SM-R170. In the listing, it was revealed that the Buds support Bluetooth 5.0, and that is plausible when compared to the Gear IconX (2018) that is powered by Bluetooth 4.2.

Going forward, we’ll also heard that the Galaxy Buds have an internal storage of 8GB, and that’s also way more than the internal storage of the Gear IconX which is 4GB. Literally, we don’t know what Samsung intend doing with that much space. Similar to the Gear IconX, the new Buds will most likely come with fitness tracking feature.

The Galaxy Buds will be available in white, yellow, and black colors.

The Galaxy Fit

Samsung Galaxy Fit is the next fitness tracker from the company, and it is the next in line after the Gear Fit 2 Pro.

Two models of the Galaxy Fit were also seen in the Bluetooth SIG website. They have model numbers SM-R370 and SM-R375. Only the one with model number SM-R375 was certified, and we believe the other one will be certified soon. The both gadgets are one of the first fitness devices that support Bluetooth 5.0.

Galaxy Buds, Galaxy Fit, product list

The two models of the Samsung Galaxy Fit will be available in white, yellow, silver and black colors.

Samsung is expected to officially reveal the 5 Galaxy S10 models, it includes one foldable model and one 5G variant. A Galaxy Sport smart watch is also expected to be launched by the company. It is still very unknown the exact number of products Samsung will officially launch in the Galaxy Unpacked event.

It has not been officially stated that these two devices will be launched at the Unpacked event. With all the rumours flying, it is becoming more obvious that they will be unveiled at the event.

What’s your take on these new set of gadgets from Samsung? Let us know in the comments section.


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