OnePlus 6 Problems And How To Solve Them

A good number of OnePlus 6 problems have been reported by users around the world. Like any other smartphone, the One Plus 6 has arrived with a number of issues. This post is for you if you already own one and are looking for solutions to some problems, or you are looking to buy one and want to know what you may have to deal with.

The OnePlus 6 was until its release one of the most anticipated smartphones of 2018. This is because OnePlus has earned a reputation for producing flagship grade smartphones that sell at a fraction of other flagships.

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Did the brand deliver this year? Yes; they did. The One Plus 6 packs a bigger edge-to-edge display, larger internal storage, more powerful Snapdragon 845 processor, 6GB/8GB RAM options, and a bigger battery as well. All of these for less than you can get from the competition. If you haven’t yet, this is a good time to check out the OnePlus 6 specs.

Some Problems With OnePlus 6

All across the world, some users are complaining about issues that include battery life, mobile data, connectivity, and others. Not every One Plus 6 user is facing all these issues. Most do not have any complaints.

Also, Android Pie update is already rolling out to this phone, and resolves some of the more serious OnePlus 6 problems. If you are still experiencing a problem and need a fix, do read on.

1. How to Fix OnePlus 6 Battery Life Problems

One of the complaints about the OnePlus 6 is that of battery life. If you are experiencing issues with battery life, you can resolve them by carrying out the following:

  1. reduce screen brightness as much as possible.
  2. turn off auto-brightness.
  3. if your battery starts draining after you installed one or more apps, the problem could lie with one of them. Badly coded apps often drain batteries. You can disable/uninstall these new apps one by one and observe your battery performance to determine which is the problem. Once you identify it, delete or leave it disabled.

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2. How to Fix OnePlus 6 Auto Brightness Issues

Some users report experiencing flickering on the display or having the display too bright and too dim at different times.

This points to issues with auto brightness (or adaptive brightness, if you prefer). A quick fix is to disable auto brightness and then manually set a brightness that you find acceptable.

3. How to Fix OnePlus 6 Telephony Issues

One of the common OnePlus 6 problems being reported has to do with telephone calls. Some experience drop calls and missed calls, while others have had the phone app freeze on them when they end a call.

There are no known fixes for these issues besides a software update from OnePlus, and they have committed to provide that. So, make sure that you have your One Plus 6 set to automatically check for software updates on a daily basis. Once one is available, run it.

4. How to Fix One Plus 6 Mobile Data Issues

Some users have reported that sometimes, mobile data suddenly seizes and stops working.

The quick fix is to disable and re-enable mobile data from the phone’s drop-down menu or Settings. You can also turn Airplane Mode (Flight Mode) on and then off.

Again, expect a software update to fix this permanently.

5. How to Fix One Plus 6 Wi-Fi Issues

If you are having trouble connecting to and using Wi-Fi with your OnePlus 6, here are things to do:

  • Restart your wireless router or mifi.
  • Restart your smartphone.
  • Forget the network. You can do this by going to the WiFi settings menu in the phone settings. You can then reconnect afresh to the wireless hotspot.

6. How to Fix OnePlus 6 Bluetooth Issues

If you are experiencing repeated trouble getting Bluetooth to work, follow these solutions:

  • Turn the phone’s Bluetooth off and back on again.
  • Restart your One Plus 6.

How to Factory Reset OnePlus 6

When everything else fails, there is nothing like a hard reset to clear all sorts of errors and problems. Note that a hard reset will wipe the phone completely clean. Backup your phone before you proceed if you already have files on it

Follow the steps below to perform a hard reset on your OnePlus 6.

  • Open the phone’s Settings menu.
  • Scroll down and find Backup & Reset.
  • Tap on “Factory data reset.”
  • Select “Reset phone.”
  • Tap on the box that says “Erase everything.”

That is it. Your OnePlus 6 will reset and reboot.

Conclusion: Some Problems With OnePlus 6

If you are unable to resolve your OnePlus 6 problems, remember that the company is working on providing fixes via software updates. An update will get to you soon. Hang in there.

OnePlus is doing great with software update. It is amazing that the One Plus 6 is one of the first smartphones to get updated to Android 9 Pie, just behind the Essential Phone and Google’s Pixel and Pixel 2 devices.

Expect more updates to smoothen out the rough edges of your fantastic smartphone.

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