Ntel Reviews Its Data Plan – Discontinues N1000 for 12GB WAWU Plan

Year 2018 was the best year for ntel and all its subscribers as they have enjoyed the network and could probably be still enjoying it.

12GB for just N1,000 and 24GB for N2,000 was a life saver in terms of cost in 2018. However, few months before the end of 2018, ntel encountered a problem that made them shut down their site (myntel.com.ng) till this very moment.

Now, ntel has reviewed its WAWU plans. The ntel WAWU plan of N1000 for 12GB no longer exist. Unlimited weekly is now N5000 and no longer N3750. The expiry dates for the Revised ntel WAWU plan have been reduced to 7 /14 days.

Below are the old and new WAWU data plans, what you get and the subscription codes:

Old ntel WAWU Data Plans

WAWU 2GB2GB12GB1,00030
WAWU 4GB4GB24GB2,50030
WAWU 8GB8GB48GB3,00030
WAWU 16GB16GB96GB7,50030

New (2019) ntel WAWU Data Plans

Below are the 2019 Wawu plans and codes for ntel subscription:

WAWU 2GBWAWU20002,0006GB7 Days
WAWU 4GBWAWU40004,00016GB7 Days
WAWU 8GBWAWU85008,50045GB14 Days
WAWU 16GBWAWU1000010,00096GB14 Days

The WAWU promo was scheduled to end at the end of April of 2018 but for some reasons best known to nTel, the promo is still ongoing.

Also note that Unlimited Weekly price is now N5000, while the unlimited monthly remain unchanged.

We also various data plans from other network operators, you can pick your choice. Let us know what you think.

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