MTN Introduce One-Off & Recurrent feature for Goody Social Pick 5 bundles

MTN Nigeria has introduced a Pop-up menu with the One-Off & Recurrent feature for Goody Social Pick 5 bundles, effective Friday, January 25 ,2018.

MTN customers will now be able to make a choice for a one-off or an auto-renewal on the goody-bag social bundle subscription.

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One-Off Purchase means that your goody bag social bundle will NOT auto-renew after expiry.

Autorenewal/Recurrent Purchase means your goody bag social bundle will auto-renew after expiry.

How It Works

If you cancel the Pop-Up Menu or it times out before selecting an option, their Goody Bag Social bundle will be on One-off purchase. This means your Goody Bag Social bundle will not auto-renew upon expiry.

If your Goody Bag Social bundle is on One-off option they will be able to opt in for Recurrent option or renew the bundle by sending R+bundle keyword to 131.

Also, the subscriber will be able to cancel auto-renewal on their bundle anytime by sending the opt out keyword to 131 (E.g. STOPWAD to 131).



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