This is year 2019 where foldable phones seems to be taking the front seat in the innovation bus and the Motorola RAZR V4 is also on the way, with elegance.

While I was already deeply entrenched in the world of mobile in the days of the RAZR V3, it didn’t hold a strong attraction for me. I so much loved the clamshell/flip form factor but disliked the tiny screen and keys that my eyes and big fingers had to deal with.

Also, the V3 was never officially available in my region. It was easy to skip, though it was a huge success in the market. While similar to its predecessor in some ways, the Motorola RAZR V4 is a different beast entirely.

That is what we are calling it for now – RAZR V4. Everybody knows that Lenovo has not named it yet. But since it’s predecessor was named V3, it only makes sense to refer to the new RAZR as V4.

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The phone maker is free to blow our bubbles by naming it something else whenever it arrives. For now, Motorola RAZR V4 it is.


What We Know About The Motorola RAZR V4

Well, we are going to share what we know so far, thanks to tips from Motorola itself, that it will have a foldable display hidden inside the RAZR’s traditional clamshell. So, it is past meeting the future.

Closed up, there is no mistake that this is a RAZR phone. But opened up, gone are the alpha-nuneric keys and the tiny display. A big foldable display is unveiled in all its glory.A

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The V3 was a sexy creature, and there is no doubt that Motorola won’t hold back in recreating that sexiness, if not actually exceeding it.

And that is what separates the V4 from its ancient forerunner. This resurrection from the dead does not impose a tiny display and crowd keys on us.

Instead it offers a huge display in a compact form factor that can fit into the pocket, and even a small men’s bag.

What exactly is there not to like about it?

To be sincere, the form factor a d foldable display is all we know for now about this device. More details will pop up between now and MWC 2019 where Motorola is expected to officially announce it.

What of the images in this article? Renders. They are all renders. But they do capture the essence of the upcoming Motorola RAZR V4.

Hopefully, Motorola will not mess this up with an inadequate battery, as they did some of their devices many years ago. Hopefully, that lesson is learned.

And if we are to look at the competition, Samsung and Xiaomi, the Motorola RAZR V4 looks like the most pragmatic approach to a foldable smartphone that we have seen.

Samsung’s foldable phone solution looks clunky. Xiaomi’s is much more sleeker but suffers from the display being exposed even when folded. You can see the video here.

Not so the V4. The clamshell form factor means the display is fully hidden away when the phone is closed up. I love eeeeet!

I would like to get one, but the rumoured price tag is something my bank account will mock me for. If you are up for it, it will set you back by just $1,500 only. That is roughly half a million naira.

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Who knows? I might hammer this year and be able to afford one.

Foldable display technology is still new and so the foldable phones we will see this year will cost an arm and a leg. Down the road, the costs will drop and “everyone” will be able to afford one.

2019 is shaping up to be an interesting year in smartphone. We have slider phones, foldable phones, under-display Fingerprint sensors, 5G wireless technology, and more being thrown on the table.

As at the time of typing this, we are expecting three foldable phones already this year. And it is the Motorola RAZR V4 that has me excited the most.

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