Retrieving a deceased phone number (MSISDN) could be very difficult due to security reasons and privacy terms and conditions attached to the acquisition of SIM by the mobile operator. So, if you have a number of a deceased related or close to you, this post is for you.

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Requirements To Successful Perform A SIM Swap On A Deceased MSISDN

Find below requirements need to fulfil SIM Swap Request on a Deceased MSISDN. You will need to visit any MTN Store with the relevant documents below;

  1. Death Certificate
  2. Letter of Administration – the line must be mentioned as an asset in the letter of administration
  3. Valid ID of the Beneficiary
  4. Valid ID of the Deceased (For foreigners; copy of passport data page, visa, document of carriage home,). Though, this is Optional.
  5. Physical SIM (if available)

If you are able to meet up with all these requirements stated above, the MTN customer care center will validate the ownership of deceased number to ensure it reflects the deceased’s name/details.

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After all the necessary documentations from their end, you will be advised to return after 72 hours (3 days).

The deceased MSISDN would be re-registered after the swap is completed/successful.

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